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Muscle Testing / Applied Kinesiology

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

No Surgery: No Medication: This is pure self-healing available to all!

In Edition 40, we explained the science behind how we can reprogram our subconscious mind to change unwanted repeat patterns of behaviour.

We introduced the self-healing capabilities of the (seemingly miraculous) “Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping.

For those that missed it, simply click on the pic to go to that article.

This time around we turn to Muscle Testing, also known as Applied Kinesiology.

Interestingly, at least two of our Readers & Healers use this methodology as part of their healing practices. One of those gifted healers is California based Laurie Lamson who is featured within this issue. The other is Aoibhinn Murray, our Northern Ireland based “Healer Extraordinaire”.

Both Laurie & Aoibhinn practice a variety of healing modalities to assist clients, but Muscle Testing can be a very valuable tool in the toolkit. It helps identify the root cause of physical or psychological issues being experienced, so the energy can be released and healing take place. The root cause can be far from obvious, so having a methodology of this nature can create a fast track to healing..

The underlying principle is that the body is designed to maintain its own good health. It is only when overburdened with toxicity, trauma, anxiety or other adverse emotions that it fails to do this. Once we become mentally and/or physically out of balance, our body signals this to us through disease or alternative forms of discomfort.

Interestingly, the root cause can go beyond who we are in this lifetime. It could be an ancestral issue that remains trapped within us. Or it could be the impact of a past event which involved another person entirely. It somehow ends up being an energetic burden we ourselves inadvertently carry that affects our health.

These are issues that mainstream medical professionals are ill-equipped to identify as they defy normal medical protocols. Because of this, patients can be prescribed inappropriate medications, or undergo needless surgery to tackle the symptoms rather than resolving the underlying issue. It is certainly not the fault of the doctors, they are simply following the limiting path they have been taught.

Muscle Testing provides a way to rapidly identify the underlying issue (or issues), which enables the situation to be rectified.

This can work on chronic pain issues as well as psychological blocks and traumas.

But!! You have to have faith in the process to allow the information through. If you find yourself feeling sceptical or cynical rather than curious, that negative energy alone may block your progress.

For some, getting past our limiting beliefs can be a challenge because it defies the version of reality we have accepted as truth. Best thing is to keep an open mind, take a look and try it for yourself. If interested, maybe find a practitioner who can help you map out the foundation of any issues you may have.

One person who has developed Muscle Testing to a very significant level is Doctor Bradley Nelson. His work on “The Emotion Code”, and now, “The Body Code” is rapidly becoming the stuff of legend. I encourage you to watch Dr Brad in action in the following video. I cannot do justice to the impact of this modality in words, so best that you judge it for yourself!


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