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Hi from Aoibhinn

Hi, I'm Aoibhinn and I'm a qualified massage therapist, advanced metaphysical healer, evidential medium, shamanic practitioner, spiritual mentor, energy healing teacher, and Indian head massage teacher.

I took my first professional qualifications in anatomy, physiology & massage in 2005. In addition, I began my spiritual trainings nearly 30 years ago under the watchful eye of an Irish shaman, a native American Cherokee Elder, and a variety of teachers and spiritual directors.  

I am also the founder of Quantum Light Pod Healing (QLPH), and this has been enormously successful for my clients.

Quantum Light Pod Healing (QLPH)

A QLPH session is twofold and begins with observation and clearing of the individual's energy.  During a QLPH session a full energy field assessment is carried out using clairvoyance.  The biofield (aura) holds imprints of our life experiences which can include trauma and residual energy.  Layers of trauma often come up during a QLPH session which are cleared, sometimes along with the clearing of attachments and/or etheric parasites.  Etheric parasites and attachments can gain entry to an individual through what's known as an auric wound or rip and can have a profound effect on a person's self-image, energy levels, behaviour, and belief systems.   If this is the case, we remove the attachment or parasite and seal up the wound.  Clients usually report feeling lighter and freer following this kind of procedure and a positive shift often begins to occur in the life of the person who’s gone through this clearing process. 

Cords are another feature which may come up during a session. Energetic cords are formed naturally through relationships to people or situations.  However, these can become emotionally unhealthy when they are outdated.  People often have cords attached to past lovers, partners, friends, family members, or situations which have become negatively polarising. By removing these cords at the root we detach emotionally and energetically from the person or situation causing us discomfort or keeping us out of harmony.  Cord removal can be highly beneficial following the breakup of a relationship or marriage, or in a situation between family members where manipulation or emotional abuse is taking place. 

How Long Does it Take?

A QLPH session can take up to an hour and a half in the first instance and is carried out online.  Having it carried out online allows for 'on point' information to be gathered due to the healer being in an altered state of consciousness.

Benefits Reported

Alleviation of physical symptoms or pain

​A new sense of purpose or understanding of one's life mission

Deepened peace

Relief of stress, sadness, and/or depression

Deepening of intuition

Spiritual activations and upgrades

Clearing of distorted beliefs and judgements

A sense of connectedness 

Better sleep

Elimination of fear

Receipt of light codes

Cleared sinuses

Trauma release

Relief from headaches

Relief from back pain​

QLPH energy speeds up the healing process and has been reported to significantly reduce pain caused by various conditions.

See my video to learn more

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