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Elevating the Andy Petro Experience Part 3

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Elevating to the next level! (we turn to science to explain)

In Part One, we explored ‘energy vibrational senses’, and how animals and plants use these to communicate or to sense danger. Also, how many indigenous populations were/are also deeply connected to this unified energetic field. It appears modern civilisation has lost touch. Somehow dumbed down & desensitized. In Part Two, we discovered how the vibrational field fundamentally affects our health and our biology. We also explored the workings of the conscious & subconscious minds. We identified how the ‘signals’ that create our very structure can get messed up and lead us into illness & self-sabotaging behaviours. But we can rewrite our faulty programming. In Part Three, we begin to explore how to rewrite any faulty programming we have inherited, thereby becoming our very own ‘Deliberate Creator’. “What we achieve inwardly, will change outer reality” - Plutarch

So… Just to repeat the essentials that lead us towards the solution

Yogi’s, much like Wim Hof (pictured here) are ‘Masters of their Molecules’. They are their own alchemist. They can regulate their heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature, all with the conscious mind.

With focused practice, we can also create our own ‘miracles’.

Click the pic to hear more about Wim!

Neuroscientists proved that for most of us, 99%-95% of activity is governed through our programmed, subconscious mind. We are simply responding with learned behaviours, whether those behaviours are good for us, or bad. So if you have negative programming, 95-99% of your day you will recreate that negative experience in your life.

The foundation of the problem:

The conscious & subconscious mind works together, and whatever the conscious mind focuses upon it could control.

So, if the conscious mind is focusing on the past or the future, the subconscious is in charge of ‘the now’.

This will be based on the programming you’ve got (good, or bad). This leaves you replaying those behaviours like a tape recorder, so this is a way people consistently self-sabotage their lives.

The solution:

Just imagine if you could rerecord your tape with behaviours that truly serve your wellbeing, effectively rewriting your programme! The fact is you can do exactly that, and there are a number of ways this can be achieved. It takes deliberate intent, will-power and belief in the outcome. There is nothing to lose and the potential for significant gain.

There are elements of David v’s Goliath at the outset. For a start you have 95-99% of your programme hardwired into your subconscious. You are attempting to override it by exercising the 1-5% conscious mind. So we have to address that conscious / subconscious balance.

We need to get back more into our ‘learning state’ that exists in our conscious mind. We have to understand how to pull the brain and body out of the past and into our chosen vision of the perfect future. Ultimately, this vision will define your future as it is no longer held back by past programming.

This is an opportunity to take back control. To ensure that your energy field is working towards your own wellbeing. To begin the journey to ‘master your molecules’. Then you can really start to love life, because you do so with conscious intent.

Here we explore different ways in which people can choose to elevate their consciousness and take back control.

But first, you need to ask yourself whether you have repeat patterns of behaviour in your life that you would rather you did not? Do you (for example) find yourself in anger, fear, stress, adverse judgement of self or others? Imagine how good it would feel to escape those negative emotions!

You will also need a vision of what you would like to take the place of the unwanted behaviour.

To assist in this process check out the emotional spiral below. This could help you identify where you want to move from, and where you want to go to.

Interestingly, when we move out of the low frequency energies into high frequency energies, we ourselves become less dense. We move from particle to wave, from matter, to energy. That frees energy to create a new destiny and to heal your body. That in turn draws you to connect to the unified field, where the field of all possibilities resides.

Often our lack of alignment with who we really are, manifests as disease, anxiety or depression. Given the nature of the current westernised version of reality it is very understandable as to how this occurs.

The energetic aura that surrounds our physical body reduces when we are unwell. That is because that lack of alignment makes us more particle, less wave, we are more dense. As we move towards good health our aura expands as we move from particle to wave, from matter to energy. The aura can be seen on MRI scans, or through Kirlian photography. To explore further, click here as Jolé explains the aura.

We also need to understand, the fastest way to change a behaviour is not to judge it, because that slows the whole thing down. By judging, we unnecessarily bring low frequency dense energy (judgement) into the process. Simply accept that we have this behaviour now, but we would like to do it differently in the future. By approaching it in this way we ensure that high frequency positive energy prevails throughout the change process. Acceptance plus intention is all you need, and it is powerful.

Intention is powerful. It creates your own personal vision for a wonderful future. Meditation is a wonderful tool to help ‘go deeper’ and embrace your vision. This is something we shall return to, as here we explore an alternative (or complimentary) way.

To undertake this exercise, you also have to tap into your imagination.

There is a reason Albert Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge”. Albert knew that knowledge is simply regurgitating what is already known, whereas imagination taps us into that ‘field of all possibilities’.

So ask yourself, what is it that I want?

Do I want health, wealth, freedom, joy, do I want great relationships? This is a creative act, therefore taps into your conscious mind, your frontal lobe. The conscious mind taps into your past experiences, wires them up differently and creates the vision you seek, and that is intention.

If you can hold that image in your mind, that image becomes the experience. Because what starts to flood through your body are the feelings that occur as if that vision were already reality. It creates a beautiful emotion, and when in the present moment and embracing that future, the brain doesn’t know the difference.

It doesn’t know the difference between what is firing up in the brain neurologically, and outer reality. So now the brain is no longer just a record of the past, it is beginning to become a map to the future. Once we feel that elevated emotion associated with our future vision, the mind signals new genetic coding as if the experience has already happened.

This moves you from living in your past present reality, to living in a future present reality. You are giving your body a taste of the future. As a result you start acting in more unlimited ways because you installed the circuits for it. There is a liberation of energy and you have freed yourself from the patterns of unwanted past behaviours.

This pic came from my local Buddhist Centre recently as they coincidentally covered the very same point!

I love the simplicity of the diagram. You see the circular pattern that represents our subconscious mind repeating our standard programme. The ‘same self & world’ continues to exist while ever the pattern is not broken.

So, a typical situation occurs that recreates the feeling. This leads to our habitual response from our subconscious.

However, there is a ‘point of freedom’ we can create through this reprogramming.

Rather than being drawn into our unwanted ‘habitual response’, we exercise our conscious mind. We know how we would prefer to respond, so we move into ‘the gap’ between ‘feeling’, and ‘habitual response’. In doing so we are establishing new neurological hardware. Once repeated several times it becomes our default programme. The subconscious will now always guide you to your new deliberately created response.

So how do we access, The Gap?

One choice is Clinical Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis allows the subject to experience often quite deep levels of relaxation and so helps to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

But the faster way is ‘energy psychology’, and there are several different versions.

How to ‘Tap into the Gap’

One of these is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as ‘Tapping’. It might seem crazy to think just by tapping on certain parts of the body, you can create significant healing (but you can). Even mainstream health services like the National Health Service in the UK now train EFT practitioners, though it is easy to do for yourself. Here is a list of issues the NHS use EFT to treat.

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Sexual/Emotional/Physical Abuse issues

  • Trauma Stress and Anxiety

  • Addictive Cravings

  • Physical Pain

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Allergies and Sensitivities

  • Self-Confidence/Image

They also stress it is worth tackling other issues too. EFT is 100% natural, there are no side-effects, so no harm in trying.

EFT is based on the Meridian system as used by the Chinese for thousands of years. It has been described as ‘psychological acupuncture, but without needles’. The technique focuses on the end points of the 12 major meridians found in Chinese medicine. It has been observed that by tapping on these points while focusing on the problem causes a ‘release of energy’ to take place. Disruptions are cleared and normal function can resume.

Grateful thanks to Karl Dawson for the image

For our purposes, it can be used as a tool to rewrite our subconscious programming, to ‘Tap into the Gap’. It is quick and easy to learn and is free of charge when you educate yourself on a few simple steps! So this is the point where we hand over to Jessica to tell you what you need to know to do this for yourself. Take a look at the ‘comments’ at the end of this 4-minute video to understand just how powerful (and simple) this can be! Jessica’s brother Nick Ortner also trains people in this technique and (for the curious) can also be found on YouTube.


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