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Hi from Laurie

Laurie pioneered Soul Medicine and Soulful Space Clearing by creatively combining the most effective energy techniques for positive transformation in people and places.

Her natural expertise in energy work is a perfect fusion of her parents: her father was an electrical engineer inventor with a physics background while her mother was a clinical psychologist.

Her mother started one of the first sex therapy clinics in America, and later became an expert in child abuse cases. Laurie grew up with a broad perspective on sex and is uniquely qualified to take her mother's work to the next level by helping clients’ resolve sexual problems and heal from past abuses.

Laurie has developed customized approaches to help people and places heal their energy and raise the vibration.

Gently expanding your perspective and recovering from limiting beliefs and past traumas naturally increases authentic empowerment, inner freedom, love, peace, and joy – as you become more in harmony with your own Soul.

See Laurie's video below to go deeper into her soulful offerings.

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