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Elevated Planet

Elevated Planet

What is Elevated Planet all about? It is all about putting the Unity back into CommUnity, feeling good and celebrating life together, turning the negative media on its head and having fun with it.

Here you can visit "The Twiglet Zone" (fantastical tales accompanied by a savoury snack).

We offer you the choice: "Truth, or Deluded Nonsense?" (as a clue, the answer begins with a "T").

This is also about celebrating creativity amongst our community, and generally enjoying life. 

Who are we?

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Here we are! John Drew & Jole' Gabrielle, Co-Founders of Elevated Planet.

Who are we and how did Elevated Planet come to be?

Well, they're big questions and all is explained succinctly in the video you can access from here.

Simply click on either of our faces and you will be instantly transported to the answer! 

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The Media love to Feed’yah!

(So be careful what you ingest)

We all know (whether we choose to take notice of it or not), that it is important to eat healthily in order to take care of our body for our journey through life.

I would suggest it is equally important to take care over what we ingest via the media too, (in its many & varied forms).

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The Good Shepherd and the problem with Sheep

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I was walking Narla our German Shepherd this week (a dog, rather than a Shepherd from Germany), and the walk took us past our village school.


The classrooms were empty and I could see the chairs on top of the desks to facilitate the cleaning. This instantly brought a nostalgic smile to my face as I recalled my first ever day at school many decades ago.

Care to know what Chaos awaits mankind in 2024?
Fantastical Tales accompanied by a savoury snack!

Dare you enter..  The Twiglet Zone?

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Click the image to enter....

The Twiglet Zone!

Click this link to join us for advance updates and sneak previews to what comes next

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