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Lighted Consciousness

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Short for “Lighted Consciousness”, LiCo offers an opportunity for the “spiritually curious” to explore the questions of who we are, and why we are here, and for those that have a deeper understanding, to become more empowered and abundant.

We believe if more people have access to this wisdom we have a better chance of making a lasting and positive impact for ourselves & the planet.

While within LiCo we supply educational information and links to others who can assist in this “exploration of self”, we undertake never to preach to anyone.

We understand that only you can know if the time is right for you to explore. Our differences exist for the diversity and balance of the planet, and we fully respect these differences and free will.​

LiCo is non-religious and there is no intention of doing anything other than offering the tools and information to support those who are curious and desire to explore further.

The "Meat Suit" of Life

We know any up-levelling or change must take on all levels - mind, body and spirit.

Therefore, we have super talented clairvoyants, energetic medicine practitioners to assist and advise the best ways to connect with self and others while occupying the “meat suit”.

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Jolé Gabrielle 

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California based Jolé, is Co-Founder of Elevated Planet.


She is a super-talented Clairvoyant & Theta Healer. Jolé has gifted us with (amongst other things) a variety of Guided Meditations as part of our "Pandemic of Higher Consciousness Series!"

Jolé is also available for personal readings.

See our other talented and knowledgeable Spiritual practitioners offering their services to our community through this platform by clicking on our Readers & Healers link. 

As Elevated Planet's other Co-Founder, I recall my first spiritual reading back in 2018. I had been a sceptic, but that experience took me on a journey that completely changed my life, and I haven't stopped learning since.

Above all, I felt that something this healing should not be “hidden in the shadows”, it should be brought to the mainstream for people to freely explore and decide for themselves. That desire is being manifested right now, not just with our team of spiritual practitioners, but with our weekly YouTube events. In person events and Retreats will follow

These events are designed to be fun, enlightening and beautiful sensory experiences, covering a variety of topics, so please join us!

John Drew

Spiritual Healing & The Root Chakra

An early review of this video reads: “A truly thought provoking & enlightening video! I learned a great deal! Deepest gratitude” - Dalai Lama.. (High praise indeed! Thank you Dalai Lama!) 


In this video, Jolé explains how the Root Chakra is all about safety & security, including financial security. Jole’ talks about how to better understand what is happening, and how to take back control. This can lead to an incredible amount of healing at a physical and emotional level.


Things happen to us as a result of Ancestral Wounds (in this life, and past lives), and once understood and released, we can truly move forwards in life, stepping away from victimhood, or physical issues into abundant happiness, prosperity & joy.

When we assume personal responsibility, regardless of how others may seek to portray the world around us, we create the ability to elevate ourselves into that joyous state of mind which in turn creates the momentum to receive ongoing abundance.

I truly hope you enjoy this video (as much as the Dalai Lama did :-). As always, your feedback, whether from eminent spiritual leaders, or members of our community will be received with deepest gratitude.

Meditation Focus

The aim of this series of LiCo meditations is to help not just beginners in the practice of “quieting the mind”, but also the more experienced meditators by using mental visualization to help combat “monkey mind”, a state with which those who have ever tried meditating will likely be familiar.

When we join together in “community consciousness”, we can raise the frequency of the entire planet.

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What is Meditation? How does it help us?

It isn’t always easy, we have to overcome our “monkey-mind”, but we are all completely capable of doing this.

Creating your own “sacred space” within your home can help you escape “the noise of life”, and begin the process of “thought mastery”, connecting you to the wisdom of your higher-self, trusting and allowing the feelings that flow through from the invisible part of you that resides in the higher realm.

When we replace the density of “conflict energies” with the realization that “we are one”, and together we focus on our elevated path, bathing ourselves in a river of higher-consciousness, then we can move mountains.

We raise all, by elevating ourselves.

In this video, Jolé talks about meditation, then offers a Guided Meditation on The Root Chakra

The Considerable Energy of Thought

Thoughts are far more powerful than we typically give them credit for. We are made of energy, everything in the universe comprises of energy. Every thought we have carries energy. Each thought has its own frequency, from the dense, low frequency energies of, fear, anger, judgement etc. to the high frequency energies of love, compassion, joy, happiness and the likes.These thoughts added together create the world we live in today.

We manifest our own lives, whether we perceive these to be good or bad.

Taking accountability for who we are and what we do helps us on our journey, recognizing the power we each hold to manifest the lives we want.

When we master our thoughts, we master our life.

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought” - Buddha

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