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The New Earth: A Sci-Fi view of our future: Part 2

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Most have heard of 'The New Earth', but is it a Future Reality or New Age Fantasy?

Well here is Part Two of a Sci-Fi version for your consideration!

This is intended to beg the question of the reader, where does fiction end and reality begin? “But surely he couldn’t even begin to know that! It has to be fantasy!”.

The main aim, is that the story entertains, and maybe that it is thought provoking.

There is no intention to challenge your version of reality (unless YOU wish it to).

Our ET chums have not only powered down nuclear missiles in their silos at airbases, but they’ve also stopped missiles in their tracks too! And they helped prevent ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’ from escalating into a full nuclear war in 1962!

One notable example of ‘direct missile intervention’ related to a project entitled ‘I wonder what would happen if we nuked the moon’? (that’s not its official title, but it encapsulates the underlying thinking). The much less imaginatively titled ‘Project A119’ was intended to get the USA back onto the front foot in the 1950’s space race. The US would explode a Hydrogen Bomb on the Moon. The USSR would see the explosion from Earth, and that would (somehow) establish US superiority?

Yes, they really felt that was a good idea! The official story was that they then changed their mind. The unofficial story (but the truth) was that the missile was launched, but decommissioned by the ET’s while on its way! Yes, our galactic chums are amongst us, and THANK GOD they are!

Mankind has been proven (time and again) to be insufficiently spiritually advanced to handle new technologies. Important new advances are all too often held secretly and weaponized rather than being used to evolve humanity. We are the galactic equivalent of kids playing with matches!

Meanwhile, some people see ‘ET weapon intervention’ as a threat! “How dare they take control of our weapons! They are a threat to National Security”! And, they are invading our airspace!”

Let us take a step back for a moment to consider that point. We have to accept that the ET races operating these vehicles are significantly technologically advanced compared to mankind. They have traversed galaxies in craft with no obvious propulsion method. Their manoeuvrability is also way beyond our scope, and they can become invisible by simply upshifting their frequencies beyond the narrow range available to us humans.

Meanwhile, mankind still insists on using fossil fuels to fire rockets into space! We have to concede, this suggests we are in ‘the stone age’ in terms of ‘the space race’.

I do caveat that point however! Secret technologies have been developed via ‘reverse engineering’ of captured ET craft. This takes us closer to the ET technology (but it’s still a secret, so shush!).

Meanwhile, as we know, ET can decommission our weapons and power-down missile silos at will. If they can remotely switch them off or decommission them, then it is fair to say they could choose to detonate them also. If ET's intent was to destroy mankind or the planet, we would be long gone! They are here, to both save us from ourselves, and to help us evolve to The New Earth!

Meanwhile, there are elements of humanity trying to instil fear of our galactic chums! They will tell you that we can fight them. “We need to protect ourselves in the name of national (and international) security!” These narratives are promoted through the national media, and this distorted way of thinking is likely to become more evident in our near future.

So this tells us to use discretion when confronted by fear/anger inducing narratives from our ‘trusted’ national media sources. Ask yourself, “where are they trying to lead me, and why?” Also ask yourself “is this my burden to carry”? If it does not affect your personal life, and is not within your sphere of influence, why would you allow it to create negative energy in you that impacts your personal wellbeing? Remember, where your attention goes, your energy flows. This means you inadvertently feed your energy to the problem that has been created for your consumption!

We know the national media is controlled by elements who constantly feed their desire for money, control and power. The CIA have come clean and even published a 'secret' document that demonstrated a significant level of media control! And they aren't the only ones. The others are hidden in the shadows, they are not public figures.

For those in the mainstream who take the news media seriously (and we are programmed to do so), the CIA and other entities constantly decide our version of reality. They tell you who to hate and who to fear. They promote war agendas and make the rationale sound like it is to protect us. That it is for the greater good, to destroy the enemy they created in the first instance. However, we always have the choice as to where we feed our energy. We do not have to drop into the fear and anger response. We see through it, and this empowers us!

On the New Earth, the answer to any problem is never found in fear, war and anger. Those dense energies cannot survive in a high frequency environment. In reality, everything is solved through love, compassion, understanding, gratitude and so forth. And I don’t mean the warm, fuzzy ‘kumbaya' kind of love (although it might be). I’m talking about taking action to live by high frequency agendas. And we do it not by fighting the old, but by building the new!

I have a feeling that in 'building the new', we will go back to largely forgotten 'ancient wisdom'.

So let us finish Part 2, by sharing some 'Wisdom of the Ancients', through 'The Red Road Teachings'

With deep gratitude to Cherokee Sanouke for the imagery

There was a time when mankind lived in harmony with nature & Mother Earth, only taking what was needed to live, while honouring that, that was taken to sustain them.

The Native American culture was a recent example, but similar examples span many thousands of years all around the world.

The Native Americans knew they did not own the land, instead they belonged to it. Also, they knew that “The Great Spirit” sees all, and this encouraged a life of courage, integrity and honour.

They lived simply and in harmony with their surroundings, yet with a deep seated wisdom that was passed down over the centuries. This enabled them to maintain their cherished way of life.

The rules they lived by were simple and straightforward, and where broken, the remedies were balanced and harmonious with the circumstances. The perpetrators did not try to evade justice, because they understood “The Great Spirit sees all”, and as The Law of Karma tells us, no debt in the universe ever goes unpaid. While it may appear to us that people get away with misdeeds all the time, this never happens. There is always a reckoning.

Much of this ancient wisdom has been forgotten. But maybe, once we get through the next few years of turbulence and change, it is to these standards of love, respect and compassion for all things, and the simple joy of living to which we will return. And we will have help, because by then we will have evolved to a more heart-centred understanding of life. This opens us up to resources that are currently beyond us earthlings due to the density we have surrounded ourselves with.

Today we surround ourselves with material possessions and we are relentlessly bombarded with information that we do not need, and does not serve us. The information is often deliberately distorted. As a result, we get unconsciously led into what to think, who to trust, who to hate and what to be afraid of. It is designed to trigger unnecessary fear and insecurities, with the perpetrators of the misguided narrative then providing the solution. In turn, we (equally unconsciously) hand over our power to these 'saviours'.

However, I believe our current way of being is about to crumble, and everyone will ultimately see this distortion for what it is. More and more people will see through the facade, and by 2027 we will be well on our way to a better understanding of our true incredible nature. We simply switch off from the distorted programming and go back to our “default setting” which is love.

What can do we do about it now? We 'build the new' and give people a choice of direction. Each person decides for

themselves, but the first step is to understand what is really happening, and that there is a choice.

Once we have travelled through the time of The Great Awakening, mankind will cease to live on the Earth like parasites destroying the host. We will move back to that deeper wisdom that lays dormant in us, just waiting for the eureka moment that brings it back to front and centre.

For those that find themselves ready, we are going back to celebrating life the way it was always intended to be, on The New Earth..

Love from your friends at Elevated Planet..


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