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The New Earth: A Sci-Fi view of our future, Part 1

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Most have heard of 'The New Earth', but is it a future reality or New Age fantasy?

Well here is Part One of a Sci-Fi version for your consideration!

This is intended to beg the question of the reader, where does fiction end and reality begin? “But surely he couldn’t even begin to know that! It has to be fantasy!”.

The main aim, is that the story entertains, and maybe that it is thought provoking.

There is no intention to challenge your version of reality (unless YOU wish it to).

And so it Begins…

Our planet is ascending in frequency to a new dimensional level. This is borne out by the increase in the Schumann Resonance (aka the heartbeat of the planet).

According to Sheila Seppi (author of ‘Walk-in’s, The Cosmology of the Soul’), Gaia is undertaking a dimensional upshift to the tenth density. Furthermore, the entire Universe is upshifting frequencies. It is all part of a ‘Divine Plan’, a form of ascension for all.

And of course, Sheila should know! Because before she became Sheila, she was on a spacecraft outside Earth’s atmosphere, firing photonic light energy into the planet.

Click the pic to go to our interview!

This was to help Gaia with the upshift of frequencies, and many of our galactic chums have been doing likewise. The spaceships are of course operating in a higher dimension, so they are invisible to us, as is the photonic light they emit.

Then ‘Cosmic Sheila’ answered the ‘distress call’ from the original soul aspect of Earth- Sheila and became a ‘Walk-in’. A brand new, ‘freshly souled’ Sheila, but in the body of the original Sheila! The original Sheila ‘wanted out’ from the density of Earth and her health was failing her badly. This presented the opportunity for one of our galactic chums to bravely take her place. There is nothing sinister about this, it is done at a ‘Soul Agreement’ level (though always read the small-print carefully!)

But why did ‘Cosmic Sheila’ agree to become ‘Earthly Sheila’, in this soul exchange? The answer is, ‘out of a desire to help mankind from the ‘inside’, at this time of enormous change!’ Plus, the call had gone out across the Universe that Gaia was in trouble. Elements of mankind have destroyed the planet’s natural harmonic balance, and it needs to be restored.

Okay, so it also helps to have a bit of a planetary backstory!

As you may know, at the auspicious time when Planet Earth became a planet capable of supporting intelligent life, it was granted its Charter. The Council decided it was to be a planet of free-will, and ‘The Prime Directive’ was to be one of ‘none-interference’. Mankind had to be allowed to follow its own destiny, wherever it might lead. This is all part of ‘The Great Experiment’. However, there are extreme exceptions where regardless of The Prime Directive, that interference is warranted. If humans created ways to destroy their planet for instance!

That sort of thing has happened before, where a planet has been destroyed as a result of ‘misadventure’ by its inhabitants. It’s why there is an ‘asteroid belt’ out there between Mars & Jupiter. They are all that remains of a once inhabited planet whose Beings took things too far!

Meanwhile, mankind discovered nuclear energy in the 1930’s when it was first shown that neutrons could split atoms. Of course the powers that be immediately set about weaponizing the discovery. The first nuclear bomb in 1945 really captured the attention of our higher dimensional chums. An atomic bomb causes issues across a multitude of dimensions, not just our own, and not just on this planet. The shock waves reverberate well beyond our narrow range of mortal senses. Furthermore, if we were to destroy our planet, it throws the entire universe out of balance. Everything counterbalances everything else, so if Earth is destroyed, it creates chaos elsewhere too.

Since that date in 1945, the degree of monitoring by Extra-Terrestrials of sites containing nuclear weapons has been very noticeable. In many cases they have demonstrated their ability to close down missile silos at will. Noticeable, except of course for the veil of secrecy that the military (and others) have placed around those events. Even when these events have significant eye-witness testimony, they have been denied, ridiculed, and lives threatened (and sometimes lost) in order to maintain secrecy.

Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England is one case in point. The population were told there were no nuclear weapons on either RAF Woodbridge, or nearby USAF Bentwaters. This, it turns out, was a lie.

There were a number of close-up sightings of UFOs in December 1980, with many civilian witnesses. It has been confirmed by airmen on the base that the missile silos were all closed down one by one, while the craft were in the vicinity.

How did the military explain the UFO presence? They said people were seeing the light from the lighthouse on the far horizon, hence the confusion!

Of course, “thank you for the explanation”, say the eye-witnesses to the event. However, the lighthouse does not shine inland, just out to sea! It has a shield to block the light from view for anyone inland. And how was it that the lights went across the sky, then suddenly completely changed direction in an instant? This was not an isolated incident, there were many other sightings around there, both before and after the 1980 incident.

Let us finish 'Part One' of 'The New Earth SciFi version' with a document from the Deputy Base Commander, pertaining to the incident at USAF Bentwaters.



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