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The Great Awakening & Andy Petro’s insight

Updated: May 16, 2023

“Life can be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards” - Soren Kierkegaard

Wonderful quote by Kierkegaard, but I believe that Andy Petro had a rare opportunity to truly understand ‘life’ and what it’s all about. That was back in 1955 aged just 18.

That was when Andy drowned & returned “home”, only to be reluctantly sent back to Earth. But Andy knows he has his “return ticket” to paradise, so he is ok with it.

So, I received a number of comments, thoughts and questions in response to last week’s feature on Andy. (Click here to access)

This one was from Bartes:

Makes me wonder John. Why? IF Andy didn’t want to go back (to Earth) because he felt at home in that sphere when he had that near-death experience, did he choose in the first place to participate in this “play” he calls Earth or being in the flesh?

Was he forced? WHO is the voice? Obviously not him. Otherwise he would not force HIMSELF to go and take his place in this play.

Interesting observation & questions thank you Bartes!

The following is what I believe to be a plausible explanation based on my studies of the last five years. I certainly don’t claim absolute knowledge of the domain of spirit, but I have learned a great deal (and it is amazing!). So I ask you to judge for yourself, with as open a mind as you can muster.

And FYI.. I am always happy to divulge the numerous sources from where this ‘wisdom’ is gleaned.. Just drop me (John Drew) a message through our contact page link here and I’ll be delighted to respond.

So here we go…

The life force energy that powers us through this lifetime is a soul aspect. You can think of the soul as a multi-faceted diamond, and each facet can break away to a different life experience. These life experiences can be a wide variety of forms, and do not have to incarnate into a physical form, or on Planet Earth.

If you are reading this, it is because you chose to come here for a specific life experience in this Earthly physical realm. Everyone here did this on purpose. And it is highly unlikely that this is your first time. This is because we get caught up on ‘the wheel of karma’, and typically return to repay our karmic debts.

Being encased in a physical body is very limiting, relative to when we are in spirit where you have complete freedom. This is why the death experience has been likened to ‘taking off a badly fitting shoe!’

On Earth we are exposed to a gamut of emotions, both good (high frequency) and bad (low frequency). This does not exist in the spirit realm where dense low frequency energies like fear, anger, judgement, hatred, guilt etc do not exist. Over there, everything comes back to love and light as Andy experienced for himself on the other side.

So, why would Andy choose Planet Earth, knowing we are going to be exposed to this density? (Or why would any of us for that matter?)

Andy described life on Earth as a play, and we are all just actors and none of this is real. I’ve heard variations of this from numerous sources.

I have also heard Earth described (time and again) as “Earth-School”. It is where we come to experience life in a way that cannot be achieved in the realm of spirit.

Looked at from the perspective of spirit, everything is experience. There is no good, there is no bad, there is just experience.

Also, because we are essentially ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’, we are eternal. Therefore a human life of (say) 90 years, is but the blink of an eye when compared to eternity.

Pre-life Planning:

Before we incarnate, we work with our team ‘on the other side’ to plan our life lessons. The lessons are often karmic. Any karmic debts we owe, (or that are owed to us) from past lives can be repaid through these lessons. We work with our soul-family and each person agrees to the role they will play alongside us while on Earth-School. (In this way, life can truly be seen as a Play). This provides an opportunity for learning and growth, or at least that is our intention when viewed from the other side.

There is an important point here worth momentary focus. When people do ‘bad things’ to us in this lifetime, it could well be they are playing out a role. That role might well be allowing the repayment of our karmic debt from a past life, just as we asked them to! What this teaches us is that we should be slow to judge. Forgiveness is also very important in our self-development.

The team in spirit who work with us to create our future life-path remain with us, and they are available throughout our life journey. All we need to do is ask, they cannot help unless we do so. How do we ask? Meditation and prayer is our link to the team (no WiFi or Bluetooth required! :-).

As Jole’ explains in her ‘Soul Architecture’ teachings, the life-lessons we create are packed into ‘luggage’ and unpacked in time for that specific lesson. The metaphorical ‘luggage‘ is represented by our Chakras, our energy centres where this is all stored.

Click the suitcase to ‘unpack’ Soul Architecture wisdom by Jole’ !

It seems that when this information is packed into our luggage, it is done so through hard-coded numerical sequences. This creates our own unique Blueprint, or Grand Organised Design. There are many NDE experiences where people are shown their Blueprints. In the case of Ginette Biro, she was given the opportunity to adjust it before returning back to the earthly plane! Click here to go to Ginette’s experience. It is actually possible to break out your own sequences, because it also relates back to your date of birth and your name. (None of these things are random, however random things may seem!). Human Futurist, Chris Styles of 365 Pin Code is a genius at uncovering individual Blueprints in case you are interested in ‘going deeper’. Link to 365 Pin Code

The BIGGEST PART OF THE CHALLENGE! The thing that makes life on Earth such a challenge, is that upon birth, the veil of forgetfulness descends. This means we don’t remember our spiritual heritage or any of this magnificent truth! Why would this be the case? Well, as author and Regression Therapist Dolores Cannon was frequently told by spirit, “it wouldn’t be a test if you already knew the answers!” Be mindful also, that we enjoy free-will for this incarnation. Therefore, as life-lessons are unpacked, we get to respond to them as we decide. This part is not scripted, so more of an ‘improv’ performance than a typical Play. When we fail to learn our intended lesson, it will be repeated time and again in a different format until ‘the penny drop’s. Then we get to move forwards in life. OK, having given a brief overview of how this life process works, how do we relate it to the questions from Bartes? Did Andy choose to come to Earth in the first place? Yes he did.. No one is ever forced into an experience as challenging as the Earth-School against their will. However, when we are on the other side, we do not realise how big this challenge is. From a place of pure love, it is difficult to appreciate the density of the energy, or how tough the life experiences can be. So once we are here, many people want to go ‘back home’. But, because of the veil of forgetfulness they have no idea where home is, but it does not feel like Earth. That is why some feel depressed or suicidal. Why was Andy forced to go back to Earth, and who’s was that voice that did not offer him a choice? The voice was possibly a higher aspect of Andy, (as Andy discovered, we are all connected, we are 'all one'). This aspect would have full awareness of all the experiences that were packed into Andy’s 'luggage' for his complete life journey. Upon incarnating, Andy had committed to vows and contracts to be played out, not just for his learning, but for others too. Had Andy stayed in spirit, the opportunity for life to play out as had been intended, would be gone, not just for him but others too. I suspect this higher aspect of Andy, overruled his desire to remain in spirit, because it was not yet 'his time'. We have exit-points imprinted into our life cycle. When the time is right we get to use one of these ‘return tickets’ to go home. BUT WAIT! I have another possibility here too, one that particularly resonates with me, so just maybe it is true? It could well be that Andy’s death by drowning in 1955, WAS packed into his life-luggage! However, this was always destined to be a Near Death Experience rather than the final-curtain descending on Andy’s Play here on Earth. Why would this be the case? Andy was given a glimpse of a magnificent ‘home’. One that he could never forget, and an experience he was supposed to share. However, conscious awareness had to rise on the planet to a point where he would not be ridiculed as a fantasist. That time is now, during ‘The Great Awakening’. The story has effectively been locked in a time capsule, only opening when the frequencies on Earth shifted to the right level. Andy’s video has been released for just four weeks. Already, there are 809,000 views. That represents 809,000 ‘seeds-planted’ in the minds of people as to what life is really all about. This is happening at a pivotal juncture for this planet, this is not by accident. Maybe this is why Andy (aged 85) hasn’t yet had permission to use his return-ticket? He has to get the word out there when the time is right, then he can go back home! Andy is still playing his actors role in The Great Awakening, in this Play of Life! Andy tells us he is really looking forward to taking that return trip, because apart from anything else, he knows he will be ‘Dead-Happy’! When the time is right, we wish you a ‘Bon-Voyage’ Andy! With deepest gratitude from those who seize the opportunity to understand the foundations of ‘life’.. Or.. do you see this as deluded nonsense? There is no right or wrong answer, as our life journey is unique to us, and is honoured as such.


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