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Dead-Happy Andy HAD to come back down to Earth!

Updated: Apr 26

But he’s ok because he still has his return ticket!

By John Drew, Co-Founder Elevated Planet

"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears" - Les Brown

I wanted to revisit this (from last week’s newsletter), because it really tells us much about the life we are all (mostly unconsciously) living. And IF we can accept the content, it becomes truly liberating and starts us on a journey of self-discovery. So, for anyone who missed the opportunity to press “play”, I know we needed to offer a second chance.

While there are millions of Near Death Experiences, all unique, yet consistent, let us focus on some of the discoveries from the time that Andy spent on "the other side"…

Andy learned:

  • Experience joy whenever possible

  • Relax and have fun with the physical life experience

  • Help people feel better about themselves

  • Life is not complicated (unless we make it so)

  • Choose love rather than hate (to hate another, is to hate yourself)

  • Smile rather than be angry

  • We are human and not designed to be perfect, so don't worry about it

  • Making someone else happy makes us happy, because we are all one, there is no separation

  • Hierarchy does not exist, we are ALL equal

  • The death experience is a very happy process and takes us “home”

  • Once we transcend, we understand EVERYTHING

  • There is no judgement in the higher realms

  • Humour, laughter and fun are a natural part of the higher realms

  • Our physical bodies are just “costumes” for this “play of life”, for this incarnation

  • We are on Planet Earth for the learning and growth opportunity, exposed to emotions, density and polarity that do not exist in higher dimensions

  • This lifetime is but the blink of an eye in the totality of our immortal existence

  • We experience many lifetimes on Earth and on other worlds and galaxies

  • We are all one in the light, everything and everyone is connected

  • There are no words that can do justice to the joy and ecstasy of the afterlife

  • We ALL have a return ticket to paradise

"Real knowledge is to know the level of ones ignorance" - Confucius

I am aware there are many in the world who do not want their version of reality challenged. To be fair, I too would have struggled had my eyes not been forcibly opened to a much bigger reality 5-years ago.

Andy’s story is important because it is time for the human-race to awaken to a truly fantastic truth, (and as we know, the truth shall set us free!). Once you understand, you can really start to live life in joy, and heal from the physical and mental disorders that our distorted life-programming and conditioning helped create.

Death is the most transcendent experience we will ever have (and don't forget, you have a money-back guarantee in case I got that wrong!).

I’m personally quite excited that one day I will die and go “back home”. And that is not to say that I want to go anytime soon. I love life here in the physical realm, and I have a lot I want to do before I go back. Life is to be cherished, but death is not to be feared.

Once we understand the truth behind physical life, we are liberated. We realise we are here to enjoy the experience and tackle life-lessons we set for ourselves before we were born into this particular incarnation. The veil of forgetfulness that descends during the birth process means we do this unconsciously, but now we can awaken.

If you can accept Andy’s discovery that we are (metaphorically speaking), “actors in a play", for anyone interested in reaching out to those who have gone “back-stage” ahead of you, then maybe explore the below?

These talented folks can act as a bridge to the higher vibrational realm we move to once the body dies. Your loved ones are still with you, even though they have “upshifted” their energetic vibration. I’m sure they’d love to reach out and help you with your journey through this lifetime.

Elevated Planet Readers & Healers

For the curious..

Maybe you wish to reconnect with loved ones on the other side? Or to explore healing modalities to assist in self-optimization and alignment with your higher-self? Or you are just curious as to what all this nonsense is about?

Click here, or on the image to explore our “Readers & Healers” section


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