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Weekly Update, Planetary Rebirth?

“What is that supposed to mean?”

Well I’m glad you asked, I know it may not be immediately obvious, so here goes!

The next three years gets us deep into rebirth territory for the consciousness of mankind. There.. I said it!!

“Rebirth into what?”

Great question.. So the rebirth journey is into universal heart-based consciousness, and it will evolve over the next three generations, but by 2080 we should pretty much be there.

However, as those familiar with the birthing process will attest, getting to the end point can carry a degree of trauma, even if the end result can be both beautiful & miraculous.

The point is that the world as we know it will be going through a period of tumultuous change for the next three years, then we truly can start to reset, and build the new from the ashes of the old.

Why would this be happening? And why now?

This time has been foretold for thousands of years, and it is why you chose to be here on the planet right now. To experience, and to be part of a massive up-levelling of consciousness on an individual and a group consciousness basis. We get to shake off the density of the old ways and we can each choose to step back into our own power that has been deliberately diminished for thousands of years (though you also have a choice not to).

And we get to take our place working alongside our galactic chums for the greater good. By the 2080’s we will be running missions to distant planets, traveling on their ships, as we learn ways for us to build a better life back on Earth, having returned to living in harmony with our beautiful, (though now much changed) planetary home.

We get to once again understand that we are immortal spirits inhabiting a human body, and that 'the death experience' holds no fear, as this is simply a beautiful transcendence back home. Similarly, we recognise that our galactic chums are also immortal spirits, just that their physicality, their “life vehicles” are different to ours.

They are here to assist us at this time, there is nothing to be feared from them. Mankind really has just one predator, and yes you guessed it, it is mankind! This time of change is necessary for us to transcend out of the dense emotions of fear, anger, violence, judgement, division, war etc, into a joyous celebration of life with compassion, love & laughter holding centre-stage (& possibly karaoke). This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the foretold “Age of the Golden Race”.

But isn’t this all just deluded nonsense?

Understandably, a large majority of the population will regard this as such, and five years ago I would have been right there with you! I don’t ask you to believe me, simply register this either as an interesting story, or the deluded ravings of a crazy person :-)

The only thing this has to do, is to register!

Then in three years time you can turn round to me and say you really are full of ‘nonsense’ aren’t you.. (or a less polite version of the same sentiment! :-)


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