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Time to upgrade your life?

Why Meditation & Self-Love Matters! Dr Joe tells it as it is!

Jole’ has mentioned Joe Dispenza in her work a number of times, and there is good reason.

Dr Joe Dispenza's journey to become the world-renowned expert he is today began when he was seriously injured during a triathlon. He was on his bike and making a turn at an intersection when a four-wheel-drive Bronco going 55 mph hit him from behind. He landed hard on his back and broke six of the vertebrae in his spine. Rather than have the operation that surgeons told him would give him a chance of walking again, Joe instead laid face down (he wasn’t going anywhere), and surrendered to this part of him that knew how to self-heal through the power of intention.

It took over 6 weeks to get his mind out of fear and break the cycle of negativity that his brain was naturally drawn towards as a result of the accident and the implications for his life.

Once he had broken through and could get into that state of positive intention everything changed quickly. The pain levels dropped, his neurological condition changed, he had more energy and the whole healing process was massively speeded up. He was back on his feet in just over 10 weeks, and actually training again after 12 weeks. The Doctors had said he would never walk again, and that he had a head injury that stopped him making clear decisions. The Doctors were now in disbelief at how Joe had healed himself.

Joe had made a pact with himself that if he ever walked again, he would spend the rest of his life studying the mind body connection. Joe has been doing that since 1986 when this all took place, and for those who like data and proof, then Dr Joe is your man. Joe presents his work with all the scientific rigour even the most hardened sceptic will be unable to resist.

So, to be clear, Joe is not a one-off. We are all walking miracles capable of self-healing. In this video Joe talks about the power of thought, and how many of us are programmed into self-limitation due to routines and the conditioning of westernised society.

Joe explains what we need to do to free the conscious mind from this programming through the gift of meditation. This allows us to make changes to vastly improve our state of wellbeing and joy.

Joe speaks from experience. Meditation took him from what was destined to be a life confined to a wheelchair, to being fully healed in a very short time. Joe knows how this works and his mission has been to share it with the world.

As Joe himself would tell you, you do not need to wait for disaster to strike, to be catapulted from our cycle of life at a virtual intersection to begin the process of upgrading your life.

Is is time to step into the reality you would choose for yourself? The choice is yours.


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