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The Return of The Twiglet Zone!

Updated: May 30, 2023

Watch it if you dare!!

This is the first solo Twiglet Zone I’ve done in a while, but I believe I am the conduit for several very important messages.

As ever, you get to decide for yourself, truth or deluded nonsense? (we are just here to plant seeds). Either way, I hope that you enjoy the content, and maybe it provides food for thought. It is also likely that future events may bring this content more into frame. For now, see what you think, and please share it with anyone who may be interested.

John Drew explains how the end of a 26,000 year cycle brings forth an important directional decision for each of us. Are you ready to embrace the opportunity to move to a higher dimension? And what does that even mean?

We are all divine spirits having a human experience. However, because the veil of forgetfulness descends as part of the Planet Earth incarnation process, few of us realize. We are instead encouraged to believe we are our 'meat suit of life'. This along with a bunch of other programming, really does not support our personal wellbeing.

It is time to awaken to the glorious truth as we move towards 'The Golden Age', also know as 'The Age of Aquarius'. Are you ready to upshift your energies to a higher frequency, or do you regard this as deluded nonsense?

How you view this information is the right choice for you, no judgement is made. We are all on individuated journeys through this lifetime, mostly believing we are separate from everything and everyone. In reality we are all from the one source, and it is to that we will ultimately return. We are all part of the unified field of energy, which means that we are connected to everyone and everything.

Exciting isn't it!!!


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