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The Pandemic of Higher Consciousness is Officially “The World’s Favourite Pandemic!”

Come & breath in this latest video from Jole’ & John on the subject of Soul Architecture (no face-mask, social distancing or sanitizing hand-wash required)

LiCo (Lighted Consciousness) brings you Soul Architecture

Part Three: Chakras & The Aura Layers

Soul Architecture: What does it all mean?

On behalf of us mortals who have not been brought up with an understanding of different aspects of our spiritual & energetic bodies, the terms used during guided meditations and the likes can be confusing. So I asked our CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) Jole’ Gabrielle, if we could cover off some fundamentals to make it clear as to what it all means, what we are trying to achieve and why?

These conversations flow naturally and I’m convinced they will help us “left brainers” understand these principals.

Different aspects have been covered in a series of short video’s, to ensure this "‘Spiritual Elephant” can be easily digested in bite sized portions (not that we should be eating Elephants of course).

In Part Three, we focus on an explanation of Chakras & The Auric Layers. What is their function and how can we use this knowledge to our benefit.

Click on the pic to access the video

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