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The New Earth: A Sci-Fi view of our future: Part 4

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

We ask and answer: How will the New Earth be different from the Old Earth?

& How can mankind ascend with the planet?

The birth of The New Earth will be a dimensional shift to a 5th dimensional / density level. This is a higher vibrational frequency from where we are today in our 3D world.

To expand upon this, the second Universal Law is The Law of Vibration. Everything has a unique vibrational frequency. Here in the third dimension, everything vibrates at a much slower frequency relative to the non-physical realms (of which there are a great many).

Similarly, thought and emotional energy carries its own vibrational frequency, from slow to fast. Fear and hatred are very dense low frequency energies, while love & gratitude are high frequency. The planet is constantly surrounded by the totality of the frequency of our collective thought energies. On average these have been pretty dense, but 'The Great Awakening' is already having a positive impact, as people begin to awaken and step fearlessly back into their power.

To put a number on this, already 24% of the population have upshifted their energetic frequencies to some degree. I understand that 30% becomes a 'tipping point' (all sources shared upon request via this link).

Upshifting our frequencies

We upshift energy frequency when our physical body dies. Our lifeforce energy is simply liberated from the constraints of the physical body. At that point we become pure consciousness vibrating at a much higher frequency (the shackles are released!). And that's not the only time we upshift frequencies! When we are in our deepest sleep, our lifeforce energy leaves our body and crosses back over 'to the other side'.

We have no conscious awareness of this, because that would 'spoil the game'. We are here at Earth School for a reason, and that is to learn and grow while being unaware of our divine immortal heritage. That is the reason 'the veil of forgetfulness' descends upon birth. It is all part of the test on our 'Earth Master School for Spiritual Evolution'.

There is a crucial difference between these two 'out of body' experiences. When we are asleep we remain connected to our physical body by an etheric silver cord. That is because we have not permanently vacated the physical, we are just meeting up with our loved ones on the other side while our body recovers from the exertions of the day. We can be called back in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, when we die, the cord is dissolved and we go back home to the world of spirit to see how we did in this incarnation.

As such, it is fair to say that WE ALL have the ability to upshift to higher frequencies, all we have to do is sleep or die!

But the trick is, for The New Earth, how can we achieve a similar upshift experience without being asleep or dying? That is a good question! Well we do it naturally all of the time, just not to the dramatic degree of these two other examples. When we choose love, compassion and kindness over fear, victimhood and anger, our vibration becomes elevated. The more we choose to live life in those high frequency energies, the higher our vibration becomes.

So, what does this upshift to the 5th dimension mean from a human perspective?

Well, our bodies will become lighter as they vibrate with that higher frequency, they will be less dense. Our eating habits will change, consuming less heavy proteins in favour of 'live foods'. Live foods are defined as plant based, and preferably consumed uncooked. Over time, we will choose whether we retain our physical body at all. By now, we will have realised that our consciousness can function in a far less limited fashion without a physical body (although it begs the question, can we still play golf without a body?)

Karma too will be a thing of the past. Because we will now exist in higher frequency emotional energies, it is far less likely we would knowingly do things to others that would require karmic rebalancing.

Another thing that will change is that the spectrum of our senses will broaden in range. We will be able to see colours we did not know existed. Similarly, our senses of taste, touch, smell and hearing will also become a lot more heightened. Our Psychic senses will be ‘switched back on’ in a more acute way. We all have psychic abilities now, but because of the distorted programming and conditioning of our modern world, our psychic senses have largely atrophied through lack of use (for most of us).

As such, this psychic ability will open us up to something not regularly used since the civilisation of Atlantis. At that time, human psychic senses were just part of life, and these were actively developed during a child's education. As a result, telepathy was a major form of communication. And it is a wonderful way to communicate compared to the limitations of the physical language. Words can be used to disguise a more sinister intent. This is possibly one of the reasons we have been discouraged from developing our natural psychic senses.

Telepathy allows us to instantly understand the underlying intention. You can see the thought for what it is. There is no opportunity to hide behind words. Limiting us to communication through verbal or written language provides those who wish to control, an easier path to manipulate. Add to that, if these same people control the news media, and have significant control over social media, then you have a fantastic way to bend people to the reality that you choose for them. And with that, you can introduce fear, division and anger. You can 'keep them small' and by so doing, you can divide and conquer!

You can prevent people from realising how powerful they are, by making them dependent on those that provided the false narrative in the first instance. Dependent for protection against the illusion that they have been fed. While this has worked for thousands of years, due to The Great Awakening, many are starting to see through this distorted programme.

As the Piscean Age gives way to The Age of Aquarius, the light is being shone on the ego driven, distortions and manipulation of the past, so that we can bring the changes. With The Age of Aquarius, we move back to heart-based-consciousness and a focus on the "we", rather than the "me" of the Piscean Age.

In a psychic civilisation there is no need for cell phones as distance is no object to telepathy. This is something our scientists have begun to realise in the world of Quantum Physics, distance is not a barrier.

Access to free energy will also be a part of life on The New Earth, and we will have vehicles that use anti-gravitic control. There will be no pollution and no fuel bills. We will need 'outside help' in order to get us to where we are going. But because we will have become more spiritually evolved, this help can now be provided. Once humanity asks for assistance driven by a newly dominant heart-based-consciousness, assistance will be provided. Also, the person foretold by Nostradamus as 'The Great Genius' will come forward to help us 'create the new'.

The old financial system on the 3D Earth will no longer be a reality. Following its collapse, a new economic and banking system will be constructed, but it will only be a temporary solution. Once the forthcoming Anti-Christ* has been subdued (yeah, watch out for him!), The Great Genius* comes forth, and the financial problems will be resolved. By the time of The New Earth, the way of doing things financially in the world will be much different than they are now. As you can imagine, a society that values the "we" over the "me" will want to structure things very differently to where we find ourselves in the present.

(*I will explain some more about The Anti-Christ & The Great Genius in Edition 5)


In the future, we will all know we are equal regardless of the role we play within our global community. We will take care of, and honour each other within our communities. The masculine and feminine energies will be brought completely into harmony. Those who chose to hang onto the dense energies like fear, division, anger, hatred, blame, judgement will not have moved to The New Earth. They will be living in a world where they can learn and grow based on their present understanding of life. This does not make them any less worthy than those that do upshift their energies to the higher vibrational frequencies. After all, we are all one. Regardless of the path we choose, we are all connected through this great web of life.

How can mankind ascend with the planet? And has it ever been done before?

We can ascend by embracing the opportunity to align ourselves with the high frequency energies of love, joy, celebration of life, liberation, while experiencing an uninhibited freedom of expression, happiness, laughter, compassion, kindness, gratitude (I could go on, but you get the idea). All this is accompanied by the desire to be of service to others. Now that really doesn’t sound too bad does it?

To some this will sound delusional. The old programming to which we have been subjected for a lifetime, makes it seem that way. But, once we see this programming for what it is, we have the chance to break free. We become fearless, mainly because we realise there really is nothing to fear! We are immortal, so why fear death? And, the death experience is the most beautiful experience you will ever have in your life, so do not be afraid! And I am so confident that this is absolutely correct, this comes with the usual 100% money-back guarantee!

Once we awaken to the glorious truth of who we are, we realise ‘we are all one’ and that ‘everything is connected’. Although at the same time we are each unique! We are here for an individuated experience of life on Earth, which really is A Master School for Spiritual Evolution. We are each a piece of an enormous ‘cosmic jigsaw puzzle’, each a thread in a living tapestry that records all experiences that have ever happened, anywhere.

You can think of Planet Earth as a kind of Galactic Hogwarts, and we are the students! At the outset we do not understand our magical heritage, but ultimately we learn to step back into our power!

As Harry Potter and friends found out, it’s not always an easy path to achieve mastery! And there are those ‘Slytherin’ types out there trying to deflect us from the higher path, or other darker energies that want to assume control.

But as Harry came to understand, the answer to everything comes back to love, and seizing the opportunity to be of service, (regardless of what Voldemort throws at you!). We have ‘Dark Lord’ equivalents here on the planet right now, including The foretold Anti-Christ who is yet t be revealed. But ‘The Light’ is increasingly strong, and if you allow it to, it will protect you from getting sucked into the drama and the density. You just have to step into your true power.

Meanwhile, our frequency needs to upshift so that we are coherent with the new higher frequency on Earth. The other question was, "has this ever happened before?"

In essence, this frequency shift has been successfully achieved a few times in the history of our planet. This is where a collective of people were sufficiently spiritually evolved that they were able to transcend 3D Earth, and move up to the fifth dimension.

To those still on the physical 3D plane of existence, these people simply disappeared, leaving behind the physical evidence of their civilisation. There were no bodies left as they had upscaled their bodies into the higher frequency required. They were invisible to those in the 3D world as they now vibrated at a frequency beyond our narrow range of 3D senses.

The Mayans were one such example, and certain tribes of Native American Indians another. Their advanced spiritual nature allowed them to transcend as a group, to live life much closer to ‘the light’ than we are able to here in our dense physical form, distracted by the material world we find ourselves in today.

In making this shift to a higher dimension, they were pioneers, laying a path for others to follow. That path will be available for those who choose to enter into the realms of The New Earth. It is always easier when others who have come before us, have done the groundwork. But the difference this time is we are not just talking of a few hundred people, we are talking (potentially) billions, depending how many are ready to upshift to 5D.

It has been discovered under Quantum Hypnotic Healing Technique (QHHT), as pioneered by Dolores Cannon, that some of those who created this path to a higher dimension have returned to 3D human form in order to assist us with this journey. They responded to the call to help out on Earth as the time for the transition is upon us. This represents a selfless act of love as they leave their beautiful higher dimensional world to come back into the density to assist humanity.

They typically enter the world through the birth process and face the same challenges as the rest of us. This includes total amnesia from birth as to their mission, and our nature as divine immortal spirits that we each are at our essence. They too get programmed by life and have their reality created by our same education system, life experiences, and those that influence us.

But within their lifepath, there will be an 'point of activation’. Something that triggers them to rediscover some of what they knew before they were born. There will be a deep inner-knowing that 'this is truth' and this is their life purpose. This knowledge has been stored away in their subconscious to that point in time, but it is now time for it to come to the forefront of the conscious mind.

To Be Continued!


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