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The New Earth: A Sci-Fi view of our future: Part 3

Most have heard of 'The New Earth', but is it a Future Reality or New Age Fantasy?

Well here is Part Two of a Sci-Fi version for your consideration!

This is intended to beg the question of the reader, where does fiction end and reality begin? “But surely he couldn’t even begin to know that! It has to be fantasy!”.

The main aim, is that the story entertains, and maybe that it is thought provoking.

There is no intention to challenge your version of reality (unless YOU wish it to).

Part 3 begins here!

If we think we can go to war against ET and win, then we are completely deluded!

“But we have to protect our sovereignty!” is what the dark agenda now tells us.

(And if you haven't heard it yet, you soon will! So brace yourselves!)

Despite this deliberately distorted, fear inducing narrative, ET is not here to take over our planet, or destroy mankind. They are here in service to Gaia and to humanity at this time of significant change as we move towards The New Earth.

As previously outlined, 'The Earth Charter' (granted at the time intelligent life was first introduced to the planet), includes 'The Prime-Directive of non-interference'. This is the reason our galactic cousins cannot overtly help us right now. However, they do try to save us from ourselves, and have succeeded in doing so in the past.

In short, if they wanted to destroy us, they would have done so long ago. They are significantly technologically advanced, but thankfully for us they are also significantly spiritually advanced. This means they understand, at our core 'we are all one'. They know everything is connected.

While not all species of ET are benevolent, a significant majority that are around us now, are. The less benevolent can be self-serving, but regardless, they all understand, we are all divine expressions of consciousness, whether in human form, ET form, animal form, or a myriad of other expressions of life-force energy! Because they are higher vibrational beings, they are steeped in higher frequency energies like love, compassion, kindness and the likes. To them, to attack humans would be to attack oneself.

In our human form, we have (seemingly) limited intelligence, and it's not our fault. It is part of the deliberately distorted 'life-programming' we have been subjected to. This leaves us feeling limited, and reliant on others to protect us. However, the reality is that we have 'deep wisdom', we just have to understand how to tap into it. That is what 'The Great Awakening' and 'The New Earth' is all about. And when we learn to tap into our true inner-wisdom, life becomes so much easier!

And of course that pesky 'veil of forgetfulness' descends upon birth so we don't realise how magnificent and unlimited we truly are! But as 'they' often say, "it wouldn't be a test if you already knew the answers now would it". Yes, we chose this journey on Earth-School, yes, Planet Earth is a Master School for Spiritual Evolution. And when you realise what it is really all about, then you feel an enormous sense of liberation! This is all a game, or a play! As Shakespeare put it, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players".

What this 'oneness & connectedness' thing also tells us, is that regardless of whether you are one of 'the good guys', or 'the bad guys' on Earth, we are all equal in the eyes of 'The Source', 'God', or whatever label you wish to attach to the ultimate divine loving intelligence (of which we are all a part). We are all just playing out roles we have been given, while gifted with free-will to enable each of us to decide our direction. So, be slow to judge others, and understand, the way forward is not to waste energy fighting the old, it is simply to focus on 'building the new'. We need to be the change we wish to see.

So, because of 'The Prime-Directive' we now know that our galactic friends cannot overtly help us, but they can covertly help us (and indeed they do), by being part of the population in human form. They bring a benevolent, loving energy, which in turn helps those with whom they come into contact.

The likes of Sheila Seppi as a ‘Walk-In’ for instance. Also ‘Hybrids’ and ‘Star Beings’ who have both human AND Extra Terrestrial DNA.

They look just like us, but are of a naturally high frequency energy relative to the dense energies that we as an ‘indigenous population’ have been encouraged to adopt. The mere existence of these beings amongst us on our planet creates an upshift in frequencies for us all.

There really is so much good stuff going on to help humanity at this time. There is cause for deep gratitude to many who have selflessly thrust themselves into the Earth-melee at this time, to help us with the transition.

Meanwhile, back to mankind's propensity for planetary destruction:

When we consider climate change, our scientists experiments with dark matter at CERN, or the HAARP project, mankind's propensity for war and so forth, it is maybe not surprising that this is not the first time we have been on the edge of planetary destruction here on Earth.

For example, you may have lived a past life during the civilisation of Atlantis? Atlantis was around for many thousands of years and had become exceptionally advanced, relative to where we are today. For one they had mastered gravity control for their transport needs, so no roads required. To be fair, modern day mankind got there too in the 1950’s! However, true to form, once again, the technology has been weaponized and hidden from general public knowledge (but we know better don’t we!).

Atlantis had mastered the use of crystals in production of energy, as well as Solar power to a far more effective degree than we have been able. And they were able to use the power of the mind to reshape materials and objects, and levitate them into desired positions. They were also experimenting by using mind power to mix genetics and create new species, (although this turned pretty dark). There are so many things we could talk about regarding Atlantis, but to get back on point, the Atlanteans were ultimately responsible for their own downfall.

The cataclysm struck Atlantis around 13,000 years ago (roughly). Their scientists had been experimenting by directing energy into the core of the planet using 'group mind' (the power of thought is so much stronger than we appreciate today). They believed they might be able to harness yet more energy in return, and they were right! They were messing around with ‘dark matter’. And as we know, light expands while dark matter contracts and becomes more dense, it is the stuff of ‘black holes’.

Had they been allowed to continue, the planet would have been destroyed. However, there was intervention from ‘outside agencies’ that instead triggered the cataclysm. The City of Atlantis descended miles below the ocean, as did many other land masses. There were also the most extreme weather events as the earth shifted on its axis, creating incredible winds, colossal tidal waves and significant climate change for all.

There were survivors. There were those lifted off the planet onto spaceships (some Atlanteans were still both ‘galactically connected’ and spiritually advanced) . There were others who were able to escape and survive, as they knew disaster was about to strike. They had tried to warn the scientists, but their scientists curiosity got the better of them. They needed to know the outcome, regardless of consequences.

There were others who were able to enter deep under the surface of the Earth and escape that way. This Atlantean subterranean civilization still exists today, (yes, our planet is far more inhabited than us surface dwellers realise!). These people are highly advanced, and still connected to our galactic cousins too. They will come back to the surface to help with the rebuilding of the planet once the current density has played out on the surface, and we enter into the new age. Their wisdom will be very helpful to us at that time.

And Atlantis was not the only civilisation to be destroyed by cataclysm. Before Atlantis was the ancient civilisation of Lemuria. Lemuria fell to a similar fate, though in this case this catastrophe was not triggered by the Lemurians. This was caused by a race of beings, not of the Earth, who were experimenting with energies. They kind of slipped in 'under the radar' without permission from the Galactic Council. This galactic race was not gifted with the depth of emotions that mankind is. As such empathy for humanity and other life forms was not on their agenda. When their experiments created the cataclysm that brought the Lemurian civilisation to an end, they simply got back aboard their star-ships and buggered off to try again elsewhere!

FYI, from a geographic perspective, Lemuria is believed to be a huge continent that spanned a large area of what is today the Pacific Ocean.

End of Part Three...

Suggested reading for the curious..

For more information on Lemuria & Atlantis see 'The Convoluted Universe Series' by Dolores Cannon And/or 'The Lemurian Way, Remembering your essential nature' by Lauren Thyme

In Part Four we discuss..

The New Earth will be a dimensional shift up to a 5th dimensional/density level.

But how can mankind ascend with the planet? Has it ever been done before?


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