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The Media love to Feed’yah!

(But be careful of what you ingest)

We all know (whether we choose to take notice of it or not), that it is important to eat healthily in order to take care of our body for our journey through life.

I would postulate that it is equally important to take care over what we ingest via the media too, (in its many & varied forms).

If for example you are an avid media news-watcher, and what you consume leaves you regularly feeling fearful, stressed or angry, you have just voluntarily ingested a diet of negativity which is as toxic as that “hot and spicy Mutton Vindaloo” that somehow seemed such a good idea at 11.30pm last night! (or was that just me?)

And just as the next morning we fearfully reflect on the anticipated aftermath of that bad dining choice, (knowing full well the repercussions once nature takes its course), ask yourself, “of the media items consumed that generate toxic negative emotions, how many of those things directly affect your everyday life?”

The self-imposed negative emotions are often not our burden to carry, so why choose to do so?

It may be important to stay in touch with the things that affect our community, (particularly those things you can influence), but outside of that, what do you choose to ingest? and is it good for your wellbeing, or a virtual Vindaloo?

There is a Scandinavian proverb that says, “worry is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere”.

We can’t simply “blame the media”, anymore than we can blame that Indian Takeaway that provided that indulgent late night delight! The media are simply doing their job of putting their version of the world out there for us, it is down to our individual choice about whether we choose to consume it.

If we collectively took more interest in the many and varied positive things that are going on in the world, switched off to the negative, then the media would soon change their focus too. It is encouraging to see that there are groups now actively promoting the good news, the uplifting stories, the stuff that makes us feel good about life.

Elevated Planet will also seek to highlight the “feel good moments” in life. It doesn’t mean that we are burying our heads in the sand, it is just that we believe in the universal truth, that “what we place our focus upon, we get more of”. As such, we will focus on the things that bring us joy!

I don’t believe you can get overdosed on happiness, but we are prepared to find out!


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