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Progression to “The New Earth”..

We are on our way!

While many are as yet unaware of this, mankind has begun a journey towards liberation. Liberation from from distorted programming and conditioning of life that we have come to accept as our reality.

The next few years will change life as we know it. Political systems will break down and reform into something sustainable that serves the population rather than the elite, and the underlying dark agendas that have controlled things for centuries.

While grief energy will be evident across much of the population as we are shaken out of our mortal slumber to face a new reality, there is no need to panic. It is simply time for us to awaken and restore life to the way it was always intended to be, a celebration of existence.

It is ultimately a journey into inner-peace & happiness for all who are able to see it for what it is, and understand the bigger picture of who we really are, and we are powerful, all of us! (Despite arguments to the contrary, it’s not just people from Yorkshire!).

We will rebuild our communities based on a cocktail of mutual service, gratitude, joy, laughter, compassion, humility and kindness (& of course, Karaoke!), thereby elevating all our lives.

We reclaim our power and each identify our true enlightened path as to how we can be of service to each other, rather than simply serving those who currently control and exploit mankind and have driven our beautiful planetary home to the brink of extinction.

And we do all this, not by fighting the old, but by building the new, and our new leaders understand that it is their role, first and foremost to serve their people with humility, and that we are all equal.

Living life fearlessly and joyously, in balance and harmony with the New Gaia Mother Earth. We no longer fear death, because we know that when we die our essence, our divine soul energy is simply returning home from this “dream time”.

While life in this physical realm is to be cherished, home is incredibly beautiful!


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