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Elevating the Andy Petro Experience (Part One)

Updated: May 16, 2023

To the next level! (we turn to science to explain)

So you have heard a lot in recent times about us being immortal spirits having a human experience. We are not our physical body, we HAVE a physical body (an important distinction). The body is simply the vehicle that transports us through this lifetime, so we should take good care of it. When it wears out, or something more abrupt happens to end it all early (say a fatal accident), we get to go home.

Home exists on the spirit plane, at a much higher vibrational frequency relative to the slow vibrations while living a physical existence here on Earth. The whole of our universe (& beyond) comprises of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Indeed the 2nd of the 12 Universal Laws is ‘The Law of Vibration’. It tells us that everything has a unique vibrational frequency and (believe it or not), EVERYTHING has consciousness! Every blade of grass, the soil it grows in, the rocks, water, the air, fire and so on and so forth. Of course, this is not what we are programmed to believe.

As Andy Petro discovered during his Near Death Experience, we are all one, everything is interconnected. That includes every blade of grass, soil, rocks, water, air, fire, our fellow humans & non-humans. Furthermore it is bang in line with what the scientific world has discovered too! Albert Einstein was probably the first to uncover our connectedness with all that is, (more on that later). The First Universal Law is ‘The Law of Oneness’, which tells us ‘everything is connected’. What Andy was shown (and Andy knows to this day), was absolutely in line with Universal Law. Andy discovered that at our core we are spirit, and that too has been largely forgotten. As a spirit we can never die. Physical death is not to be feared, indeed, as Andy found out, it’s something to really look forward to!

Here is a summary of what Andy discovered while back on ‘the other side’, an extract from Edition 35:

  • Experience joy whenever possible

  • Relax and have fun with the physical life experience

  • Help people feel better about themselves

  • Life is not complicated (unless we make it so)

  • Choose love rather than hate (to hate another, is to hate yourself)

  • Smile rather than be angry

  • We are human and not designed to be perfect, so don't worry about it

  • Making someone else happy makes us happy, because we are all one, there is no separation

  • Hierarchy does not exist, we are ALL equal

  • The death experience is a very happy process and takes us “home”

  • Once we transcend, we understand EVERYTHING

  • There is no judgement in the higher realms

  • Humour, laughter and fun are a natural part of the higher realms

  • Our physical bodies are just “costumes” for this “play of life”, for this incarnation

  • We are on Planet Earth for the learning and growth opportunity, exposed to emotions, density and polarity that do not exist in higher dimensions

  • This lifetime is but the blink of an eye in the totality of our immortal existence

  • We experience many lifetimes on Earth and on other worlds and galaxies

  • We are all one in the light, everything and everyone is connected

  • There are no words that can do justice to the joy and ecstasy of the afterlife

  • We ALL have a return ticket to paradise

So what follows are scientifically proven facts & they explain much of how life operates. Also, how you can heal yourselves and rewrite faulty programming you may have taken on. This allows you to offload any patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you, replacing them with behaviours that move you towards a more joyous existence.

In sharing the following, I’m indebted to Gregg Braden, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza & Albert Einstein

So our physical bodies comprise 50 trillion cells or thereabouts, (there was last time I counted anyway). Every cell has its own consciousness. So straight away that tells you we are not alone as there are 50 trillion of us that create our physical presence. We are our own team!

The human body is effectively a vehicle with 150,000 different proteins. We are protein!

We are also energy, and energy is like waves in the water. When two waves come towards each other, they become entangled. When the waves are (what is known as) ‘in phase’, they become more powerful.

A watery example of this would be an area of Newport Beach, California where there is a (dangerous) surfers paradise, known as “The Wedge”. Giant waves are a result of waves bouncing off a jetty. The jetty forces one wave to crash back into another, which combines the forces of two waves into one (be careful out there!).

Conversely, when waves are ‘out of phase’, they diminish each other or even cancel each other's energy completely. Try it for yourself next time you are in the bath!

We experience these wave examples in everyday life. When we meet people, we have an energy exchange. Constructive, ‘in phase’ waves create good vibrations, while ‘out of phase’ diminish or cancel it. This is how we unconsciously decide who we want to spend time with. People who naturally amplify our energy are much more fun to be around.

If they have an energy field that conflicts with yours, it cancels your energy leaving you feeling drained (avoid em!).

All animals and plants communicate using vibration, which is an honest form of communication. A vibe is a vibe, with no disguise, while words can mislead & distort. The Gazelle feels bad vibes when it sees a Lion. As a result it chooses not to go over to see if the Lion is looking for a new friend. It has been taught to be sensitive to the vibrations in nature, that is how they ‘feel’ when danger lurks.

As a real life example, many animals escaped the great Asian tsunami on 26th December 2004. Elephants moved to high ground before the giant waves struck, trumpeting before they did so. Animals en masse ‘headed for the hills’, Zoo animals hid in their shelters, dogs hid indoors refusing to come out.

How did they know? The answer was their sensitivity to the vibrations in the world around them.

We too have this knowledge but it has been dumbed down to the degree it has (largely) atrophied. If we had remained in harmony with our full range of senses, things would have been very different. People too would have headed for higher ground in 2004 along with the animals, instinctively ‘knowing’ danger was heading their way.

We are taught that this ‘vibrational sense’ doesn't really exist, although the evidence of it is all around us. This ‘limiting belief’ makes us easier to control. Language can be used to disguise intent and we are taught to override our feelings.

If we had been encouraged to nurture our vibrational senses, we would not put ourselves in bad relationships or bad places. We would know who to trust.

Indigenous populations such as the Aborigines & The Native American Indians lived in harmony with nature & the animals. They could read the vibrations of the world around them and would act in accordance with the information they received.

We may think we are smarter these days, but maybe we need to think again?

In Part Two next week…

  • How vibrations alter our health and our biology, and how this can be a positive or a negative thing.

  • Albert Einstein & ‘the field’ and its link to our physicality.

  • How many of you ‘bright sparks’ out there have 70 trillion volts running through you? That’s right.. we all do! (don’t tell the power company or they’ll try to hook you up to the grid!)

  • It’s all energy and we can control it, but it takes mastery! Learn how..


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