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In The Beginning, there was Susan!

All episodes and the full version of our "In Conversation with Susan Grau"

The Twiglet Zone series!

I love the fact that I can release these on the day we launch our Readers & Healers section on ElevatedPlanet.Life. It was Susan that inspired my desire to seek to elevate Mediumship and associated spiritual gifts, out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

Thank you Susan for shattering my typical left-brain version of reality, so convincingly!

Working with my Co-Founder, the talented Clairvoyant/Energy Healer Jole' Gabrielle, we are one step further towards realising that dream. Today in our Elevated Planet Newsletter, Master Builder Edition 22 (year 2), on the 22nd January 2023, we launch our Readers & Healers section, with talented Readers & Healers from both the USA and the UK.

Over the next few weeks it will evolve swiftly from here, and maybe we get to positively inspire others, the way that Susan did for me!

Elevated Planet is destined to become a platform for Spirit Workers to communicate with the world, helping them fulfil their life's purpose, while overcoming the fragmentation that is evident across much of the world of these gifted Light Workers. We can provide the infrastructure to take the heavy lifting off them, so they can focus on shining their light in the world, elevating many others along the way, just as I was!

Thank you for "coming back" Susan, and for being you!

Coming back??

Yes, it's a good thing you returned from the other side after your childhood NDE (see Part One), because otherwise I'd have been stood there on the 18th May 2018, thinking, "I know I'm supposed to be doing something today, but it feels like there's something missing?" (that would have been you, starting my journey to soulful realisation of the magnificence of who we all are! :-)

With Deepest Gratitude.. John Drew, Co-Founder, Elevated Planet (ElevatedPlanet.Life)

The full interview!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


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