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In the beginning, there was Susan…

This is Part Three of our fascinating 'in conversation with Susan Grau' series.

Susan's story is amazing. She died as a child and vividly recalls her Near Death Experience in Part One. Her story tells you so much about the nature of our human reality, relative to our spiritual roots.

Part Three continues this journey, talking about the challenges of mediumship including debunkers, and psychometry, helping people find loved ones at a time of crisis.

Susan is amazingly talented. She shattered my left-brain westernised version of reality back in 2018, and I haven't looked back since!

I was forced to realise the afterlife really did exist. It completely changed my direction, and perspective on life. I was healed, and I hadn't even realised I needed healing!

It made me realise that something as special as this should not be hidden in the shadows, it should be celebrated and shared at a mainstream level.

On 22nd January 2023 Elevated Planet launches its Readers & Healers on ElevatedPlanet.Life. Another step in fulfilling the vision inspired by my reading with Susan.

So what better time to publish this "in conversation with Susan Grau" series to our community. Click on the pic of Susan to go to Part Three


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