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Fay Vale, Galactic Artist to (& from) The Stars!

And Fay is also one of our Readers & Healers!

This channelled image is simply entitled, “Rising up”.

I still find the idea of channelling art from galactic beings fantastical, but the facts are these. Fay does this unique work through her non-dominant left hand, not even knowing what is coming through, or indeed, which way up the image should be until it is finished and she can see what has been created (click above image to see a video that explains this).

In this image (amongst many other things) I see a dolphin, humanoids, other aquatic creatures, birds and a dragon, all beautifully interwoven, seemingly all rising together!

I commissioned Fay to undertake a “Reading in Art” for me last year, a few days before we did our interview (which was so much fun!). The Reading was deeply profound and thought provoking. One of the thoughts that was provoked was, 'what was the connection between me and Marilyn Munroe!?' (What!?)

Synchronistically, the answer came the day after I had discussed my reading with Fay. My audio book unexpectedly explained Marilyn Munroe had been assassinated because of what she knew about Extra Terrestrial involvement with the US government. JFK had planned to disclose the truth to the people, and he had shared this intention with Marilyn, both were killed to maintain the veil of secrecy that continues today.

Marilyn’s death was not suicide. The pills scattered around her naked body were not in her bloodstream. Instead, there was a different toxin. As with many things where the dark, non-elected government forces are involved, there was a cover-up so the world would accept this as suicide.

So, what does this have to do with me? Well, I have to confess there are several noticeable differences between Marilyn and I. For a start, I’m a bloke rather than a world famous actress, and despite what you may be thinking, I’ve never had a steamy affair with a President of the United States (honest!!).

Click the image of Marilyn to go to my interview with Fay that reveals my Galactic-Art-Reading

So what DO Marilyn and I have in common? Well, Like Marilyn, I (and many, many others), know that our galactic chums have been interacting with the US governmental forces for many years. Technological advances have been made as a result, but rather than being used to advance mankind, these advances have often been weaponized, or used for control purposes. So much is to be revealed (and it will be, eventually) that it will truly boggle the mind!

Unlike Marilyn I don’t expect to be assassinated, but I would like to be part of the movement that helps to bring disclosure on the subject of our galactic cousins. They’ve been around since the dawn of creation on this planet some 4.6 billion years ago, and involved in the creation and monitoring of the activities of the human race since its seeding.

I understand there are eight galactic races heavily involved in helping the human race evolve, and one of the main influences comes from Sirius, our close neighbour at a mere 8.6 light years from here (not that they are limited by the speed of light).

What you have to be mindful of, is that we are immortal spirits having a human experience. However, coming to this planet means we have 'a veil of forgetfulness' that descends upon birth, so that we get to experience life without knowing our spiritual heritage. Its all part of the Earth School experience deal.

Meanwhile, our galactic chums are fellow immortal spirits too, just in different packages compared to our 'meat-suit' of humanity. They DO KNOW there spiritual heritage, as they don't have the imposed veil of forgetfulness thing to go through. There is nothing to fear from them, they are here to help us, but there are universal laws that prevent them from direct interference at this point in time.

Times are changing. Prepare for an interesting ride for the next few years as events play-out on the planet that have been foretold for thousands of years. We can choose to rise above the density and not getting sucked into fear and drama. Just know, as with any good movie, regardless of how dark it may appear, the good guys win, the light prevails and the truth ultimately sets us free. Please do stick around to see the ending!

Elevated Planet exists to shine a light into the darkness, that others too may see the way.

Our Readers & Healers form a part of that "Team of Light"


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