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Elon Musk said to be “Beside Himself With Joy”

So he buys Twitter, and shortly after, Elevated Planet posts its first 70 Tweets!!

“It’s more than I could possibly have hoped for,” said Elon as he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

“I’d happily have paid double if I’d realised Elevated Planet were about to come onboard!” sobbed the clearly emotional multi-billionaire!

OK Elon, pull yourself together! Don’t want you blubbing all over our Tweets!

So, under our “ElevatedPlanet3” handle, we broke our “Dr Steven Greer’s Lost Century Lecture” Blog from last Sunday’s critically acclaimed Edition Ten!

Reviews ranged from “life changing” to “you will always remember where you were, when you first read that article”, or “A heady mixture of incredulous facts and hope”

So here is The BIG ASK of our Elevated Planet Tweeters out there!

In order to help get our message out there, I would be so grateful if you be kind enough to re-tweet the link for us around your Twitter community?

Your Elevated Planet, changing the world, one Tweet at a time (x 70)!


Grateful thanks to Danny Simm for his selfless work and guidance


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