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Elevating the Andy Petro Experience (Part Two)

Elevating to the next level! (we turn to science to explain)

Continuing on: With grateful thanks to Gregg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton & Albert Einstein

You may recall, in Part One we were explaining about ‘energy vibrational senses’, and how animals and plants use these to communicate or to sense danger. Also, how many indigenous populations were/are also deeply connected to this unified energetic field, and could decipher its messages. It appears that ‘civilisation’ as we know it in the modern world has effectively dumbed us down!

So how else does this vibrational field affect our lives? ‘Fundamentally’, is the answer!

Energy vibrations change the proteins of a body, while proteins give us our structure and our function. So vibrations can alter our health and our biology.

All atoms are like miniature tornadoes, and all atoms create waves. All the waves together are called ‘the field’. So we are both atoms and this energy field, and we are connected to everything because you cannot separate waves.

Image by Gerd Altmann, waves, particles & atom

All atoms give off energy and absorb energy. When two energies interfere, it changes the power from zero (cancelled), to increasing it, much like our The Wedge example (known as ‘constructive interference’).

‘The field’ is the sole governing agency of the particle, and so the energy, (the invisible fields) shape matter. As Einstein said, “your physical life is controlled by the field”. We see people as physical particles, but that is an illusion because in reality we are interacting waves. One person can affect another person by simply being in the field.

As stated in Part One, once someone enters our energetic field, we may feel energised if that persons vibrations matches our own (constructive interference). Conversely if their field is out of harmony with ours, that becomes destructive interference and cancels our energy. This enables us to intuitively identify who we want to be around.

Meanwhile, every cell in your body has a minus voltage on the inside, and a positive voltage on the outside of about 1.4 volts.

1.4 volts is modest. However, multiply it by your 50 trillion cells, and that tells you there is 70 trillion volts of electricity in your body right now!

With training and meditation you can focus this energy called ‘Chi’, you can heal with it. Chi is the life force energy that runs through absolutely everything.

(Don’t tell the power company about your 70 trillion volts, or they’ll want to plug you into the grid!).

So, coming back to protein (we have 150,000 different ones in our body), there is the protein, and something called ‘the signal’. The signal can be a chemical, like a drug, a hormone, a growth factor or a vibrational wave. Proteins respond to both good, and bad vibrations. It is how life works. We are made out of protein, so the energy in your body that controls the protein is a vital force!

When a ‘signal’ binds to a protein, it makes behaviour. If you are healthy, your behaviour is good, but if you have a disease, the behaviour is not right. There are only three ways that the signal can be distorted from the healthy outcome:

1) Trauma (creates stress, stress messes up the signal)

2) Toxins, (signals cannot be passed through bad chemicals)

3) Thought, (all to do with the mind, just sending the wrong signal at the wrong time).

The prefrontal cortex of the brain gives rise to consciousness. It is effectively ‘an add on option’, which is not added if we don’t exercise it.

Then we have the subconscious mind, which can only operate based on learned behaviours, it is not creative, it is habitual.

The conscious mind in the prefrontal cortex IS creative and can create free-will, it can control anything in your entire body.

Yogi’s can regulate their heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature, all with the conscious mind.

Wim Hoff (pictured here) is another person who can do this.

In order to prove he wasn’t a freak of nature, Wim has taught thousands of others to do much of this too. Science stated that he could not do the things that he did. However, under scientific conditions, he does it time and again.

Much like the Yogi’s, Wim is ‘The Master of his Molecules’. He is his own alchemist, and this is why he and we (with focused practice) can do it too.

However, for most people, Neuroscientists have proved that 99%-95% of activity is governed through our programmed, subconscious mind. We are simply responding with learned behaviours, whether those behaviours are good for us, or bad. So if you have negative programming, 95-99% of your day you will recreate that negative experience in your life.

The foundation of the problem:

The conscious & subconscious mind works together, and whatever the conscious mind focuses upon it could control.

So, if the conscious mind is focusing on the past or the future, the subconscious is in charge of ‘the now’.

This will be based on the programming you’ve got (good, or bad). This leaves you replaying those behaviours like a tape recorder, so this is a way people consistently self-sabotage their lives.

The solution:

Just imagine if you could rerecord your tape with behaviours that truly serve your wellbeing, effectively rewriting your programme! The fact is you can do exactly that, and there are a number of ways this can be achieved. It takes deliberate intent, will-power and belief in the outcome. But if you have that, there is nothing to lose and the potential for significant gain.

There are elements of David v’s Goliath at the outset. Our ego mind and conditioning of the past tells us how ridiculous this all is. Not everyone will make it. You will know if the timing is right for you because you will feel up for the challenge. Either way, you may learn something that may help you at some point in your future.

In Part Three we will explore different ways in which people can choose to elevate their consciousness and take back control. So maybe there is a question to answer between now and next week. Ask yourself whether you have repeat patterns of behaviour in your life that you would rather you did not? Often our lack of alignment with who we really are manifests as disease, anxiety or depression. Given the nature of the current westernised version of reality it is very understandable as to how this occurs.

If however you find yourself regularly steeped in happiness and joy, then you can choose to simply come along for the ride. If nothing else, you might be able to help others find that inner-peace as you understand how they too can connect the vibrational dots.

This is an opportunity to take ownership. To ensure that your energy field is working towards your own wellbeing rather than stuck in the subconscious ‘default mode’. It is an opportunity for you to regain control. To begin the journey to ‘master your molecules’. Then you can really start to love life here on the physical plane, because you do so with conscious intent.


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