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Elevated Planet, Edition Forty Two

In this edition: Depp v Heard, a different kind of verdict!

More of Jole’ Gabrielle’s words of wisdom, (Crown Chakra focus)

The Queen’s Jubilee Joy reveals something special!

Elevated Planet’s Creative Corner & an amazing musician plays us out!

Brace yourselves! Next week we return to “The Twiglet Zone” with author and musician Miguel Mendonca.. Enter if you Dare!!

Golf is hard enough already!

This made me chuckle, and anyone who has ever played the game (and even those who haven’t), will enjoy this.

The underlying lesson, is don’t annoy your greenkeeper. Their power for retribution is supreme!

Click on the pic to enjoy!


Welcome to our Joyous Pandemic

(For which there is known known cure). The Pandemic of Higher Consciousness is highly contagious!

Pandemic of Higher Consciousness: The symptoms to watch for:

The symptoms include excessive happiness, along with a sense of bliss, gratitude, love, fearlessness, liberation and a joyous uninhibited freedom of expression.

Watch out for a burning sensation:

Rather than self-isolating to contain the outbreak, you will feel a burning desire to spread this pandemic far and wide.

Facemask recommended:

A facemask is recommended to hide that big, stupid grin of serenity and contentment permanently attached to your face!

The source of the Pandemic:

Government Agencies have revealed that the source of the outbreak has been tracked to a series of Chakra based videos created by Elevated Planet..

Jole' explains the Crown Chakra, qualities & attributes

Guided Crown Chakra meditation follows next week:

The Crown Chakra reaches the heights of spirituality and is the source of healing energy in the human chakra energy system.

The chakras act as a ladder to love, spirituality & healing, from the base energy of the Root Chakra, which anchors us to life, to the more refined spiritual energy of the Crown Chakra.

The Crown Chakra opens when we have reached psychological maturity and spiritual development.

The opening often coincides with times where we have had to face several difficult life challenges.

These ultimately bring us spiritual insights and a greater sense of what we are capable of, and what our purpose might be.

The Crown Chakra is the driving force for mystics & healers, immersed in cosmic consciousness and for all those who actively seek and cultivate their spiritual path.

Click on the pic to access the video


Elevated Planet’s, Creative Corner (by John Drew)

Art in its many and varied forms speaks to a deeper part of us, whether doing the creating yourself, or the admiring. So it is great to share it, celebrate it and encourage it across our community.

We at Elevated Planet have many enthusiastic artists within our midst, wielding their brushes, pens, chisels, or even their legs, (for those who simply like to communicate artistically through the gift of interpretive dance…. or is that just me?)

Anyway, truth be told my River-Dance days are long behind me. Gone are the days I could hurtle around the stage, my legs a blur of coordinated movement, and all this going on while me upper body was so still, I could drink a cup of tea and hold a conversation at the same time! While I chatted, the other person would be completely oblivious to the fury of movement that was going on down below in my trouser department (meaning my legs were moving very fast… for the avoidance of doubt).

Anyway.. First up, we have friend of Elevated Planet, Andrew Vickers, sculptor extraordinaire of AV Art, & Stoneface Creative with an announcement..

A personal note from Andrew (& Son) after an exciting step forward for AV Art

This week AV Art shipped one of Andrews's sculptures from our little UK woodland gallery all the way across the globe to sunny Australia! This marks an incredible occasion and Andrew wanted to share a few words with you all:

"So, it’s not very often I blow my own trumpet but here goes. As a sculptor I have had no training everything comes from within, but with the help of my son Thomas, we are achieving great things. My work now goes just about everywhere in the world, yes I have to pinch myself when I say that statement. This morning we've shipped my latest international piece off to Australia, so long may it continue, and here's to the next”!

Congratulations to Andrew & Thomas from your Elevated Planet Community!

The heartfelt energy and passion you put into your work makes these pieces very special, as such they now travel to the other side of the world, despite the cost of shipping stone sculptures!

Given the galactic nature of Elevated Planet, we might even encourage orders from places so far afield it will make Australia look like a local delivery! (I have it on good authority that our Extra Terrestrial Cousins from the Orion Nebula precinct have a keen eye for fine art!)..

Click on the pic to go to the AV-Art website!


The Mathematics of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard's toxic relationship

OK, so one of the reasons for Elevated planet’s existence, is to help turn the negative media on its head! So, why would we focus upon one of the news items that might be regarded as a voyeuristic paradise, watching two celebrities battling with each other through the courts, putting themselves through their own personal hells, while inadvertently providing entertainment for the casual viewer?

Well, there is a good reason. In this latest interview for Elevated Planet, using "Human-Futurology-Mathematics", Research Scientist Chris Styles of 365 Pin Code explains to John Drew, why Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's relationship fell apart when it did.

Interestingly, this relationship was always destined to happen, and they each have cause to be very grateful to each other regardless of how traumatic the outcome has been for both of them. That may sound like an interesting perspective given the nature of how things have unfolded, but all will be explained.

What Chris demonstrates is that our life paths are predestined to a very large degree, and we are the ones responsible for our life-lessons. The people we meet, the ones we love, the ones that truly challenge us are here for a reason! As such, when things happen, (good & bad), it is wise to withhold judgement, and not to fall into a “victim” mentality. When you are able to forgive, learn your lesson and move forwards, then you are on the right path.

There is a choice of two videos on this subject. On the left (click on the pic) you have the full 1 hour 20 minute interview to watch, and consider. On the right, we have the shortened version, concentrated down to 53 minutes!


When Jubilee excitement goes too far!

The Ministry of Defense inadvertently revealed their new WMD (weapon of mass destruction) during Her Majesty’s Jubilee celebrations this weekend.

While this was the first Jubilee celebration the Queen has attended without the late Prince Philip, she felt that somehow she could sense his presence regardless.


Playing us out this week we have Peter Jones, an incredible blind musician and writer, and his band Tiger Moth Tales. The man has so much talent and the music is powerful, it is uplifting to watch and listen to. Great to finish on a high! Thank you Peter & friends..

Grateful thanks to “Toffee John” from our community for drawing this one to my attention!


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