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Elevated Planet, Edition Forty One

In this edition: A Past-Life talent remembered? You decide..

Plus: Accessing our “Inner-Chip”, the latest in our Dead-Happy series and a musical masterpiece tribute to help us reach deep


Can talents from past lives carry forwards?

So, as immortal spirits having a human experience, we have lived a multitude of past lives. We don’t remember them, though Past Life Regression Therapy can open things up for those interested.

Sometimes where extraordinary natural talents emerge at a young age, it is because these are “remembered abilities” from a past life.

Click on the pic & see what you think.


Accessing our “Inner-Chip” to elevate our planet

What we place our focus our attention upon, we get more of, so maybe we choose to focus our attention on the world we want to see?

I was recently reminded that in the modern westernized era, we have been conditioned to worship power, money and those who have all the resources. It is a healthy question, to ask ourselves why?

Why are they more worth worshipping than the grandmother who has very little, but is helping to raise her grandchildren in the most powerful, heartfelt way, because she believes in the goodness of the world.

I received positive feedback on the true story of a gentleman named Milton West (or Mr. Chip as he was known) that was published in edition thirty nine (click the pic to link to the story).

That was a living example of selfless, heart-based community consciousness in action that greatly impacted the lives of others, and the good news is that there is a Mr Chip (or Mrs Chip) in all of us. Indeed many of you will be already exercising your “inner-Chip”, doing what feels like the right thing for your community, whether that be family, geographical community or another form of supporting the planet like caring for animals, the eco-system or a multitude of other ways we can access our “inner-Chip”.

Like ripples in a pond, these acts of kindness beget other acts of kindness, sometimes creating inspiration in others to support you in your heart-based cause. You will know when the cause is heart-based, because it is done out of love and a desire to be of service, rather than to receive gratitude or compensation.

In reality, these selfless acts nourish our very soul and light up something inside us that even winning the lottery cannot! (even though I’d love to test that particular theory, then report back! :-)

This kind of action also helps to set ourselves free from the distorted conditioning that deflected us from the heart, to the worship of materiality in its many forms in the first place.

As I see it, the planet is like a 7.95 billion piece jigsaw. Each piece of the jigsaw carries an equal value, and each has a role to fulfil. I believe that we find out what our specific purpose is, not by looking outside of ourselves for wisdom, but by going within. We are each so much more powerful than we have been programmed to believe. We can each create our own miracles once we choose to tap into the deeper power that we all have access to. We simply need to open the lines of communication and learn to trust our instincts.

We can help each other, and begin the urgent task of rebalancing the destructive impact on our planetary home. Imagine how amazing it will be when we all access our “Inner-Chip’s” together!

The ultimate portion of divine heart-shaped chips!!

ps. “heart” based consciousness, relates to your Heart Chakra that exists within your energy body, rather than the physical heart organ. We are energy beings after all, our physicality is important, but we continue on long after the physical body has gone past its sell-by-date and given up on us!

Your Chakra system is part of what makes you, you, and it is important for our Heart Chakra to be healthy and in balance with the rest of our other six main Chakras.

The Chakras work together to form (in my case), “Team John”, along with my physical body, my auric body and my higher-self (that exists beyond the physical).

The higher-self is the part that carries deep wisdom and is part of who we are. To tap into it, you simply “go within” and ask.

For those interested, click on the pic for Jole’ s Heart Chakra Guided Meditation


Dead-Happy huh? Where is the proof?

Thank you to Lynne McTaggart for her part in this addition to our “Dead-Happy Series”

So, I keep banging on about how we should redefine the death process to more of a “glorious transcendence” rather than despairing over our departure into nothingness.

That one of the most beautiful moments in life is indeed “the death experience”. In fact, I give my personal guarantee that is definitely the case, or you get your money back!

Of course it doesn’t immediately resolve the grief that we will naturally feel for our dear-departed and nor should it, but it will help us come to terms with our loss knowing they are still around us on the metaphysical plain, and still involved in our lives even though we can’t see them and hold them like we used to.

However, this understandably prompts the questions “well, how do you prove that to be true?” & “You can’t possibly know until it happens to you!” Both are fair and reasonable points, and I too would have stood on that side of the debate five years ago!

There are of course countless examples of NDE’s (near-death experiences) where people come back, having begun, (but not completed) the journey to the other side of the veil. They typically come back transformed in one way or another, and with absolutely no fear of death, because they’ve seen how amazing it is, and felt a sense of unconditional love that can (probably) not be experienced in this physical, third dimensional realm.

But still there is a cry amongst many for scientific proof, and I understand because our conditioning suggests that everything can, and should be proven by science before we consider changing our version of reality, even though our existing version often lacks both scientific proof and logic!

Anyway, that brings me to the recent post by Lynn McTaggart, that offers some science to add something to the debate. I don’t pretend this is categoric proof, but if nothing else it is very interesting, and furthermore, it explains how deep meditation accesses parts of the brain that remain out of bounds for many, until the death process maybe?

Over to you Lynne!


It was a bad day for an 87-year-old Canadian man we’ll call Sam. But his death accidentally offers all the rest of us a great sense of comfort about what happens to us at the very point when we die.

Sam had had a bad fall and had been rushed to the emergency department of Vancouver General Hospital following a severe and traumatic injury to the head, causing a blood clot in his skull. The doctors performed an operation to ease the bleeding, and for several days, Sam seemed to be in a stable state. He was able to talk with the doctors and nurses and even seemed to be recovering.

Three days later, however, Sam began having epileptic seizures.

In order to discover what was happening to his brain, the doctors hooked him up to an electroencephalography (EEG) machine for continuous monitoring.

An hour and a half later, Sam took an abrupt turn for the worse, and suffered a heart attack. All the doctors’ resuscitation efforts failed. Sam’s closest relatives agreed to a Do Not Resuscitate order and Sam passed on.

Nevertheless, during all of this his brain kept on working. In the 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after the time Sam’s heart was still, the EEG cap still on him, the doctors inadvertently recorded the activity of his brain during what ultimately proved to be his transition to death.

Later, when reviewing the EEG recording, they were amazed to discover an extraordinary increase in gamma band activity. Gamma band, the highest rate of brain-wave frequencies, is employed by the brain when it is working its hardest: at a state of rapt attention, when sifting through memory, during deep levels of learning, in the midst of great flashes of insight.

As scientists have discovered, when the brain operates at these extremely fast frequencies (between 30-100 Hertz, or cycles per second), the phases of brain waves (their times of peaking and troughing) all over the brain begin to operate in synchrony. This type of synchronization is considered crucial for achieving heightened awareness.

The gamma state is even believed to cause changes in the brain’s synapses – the junctions over which electrical impulses leap to send a message to a neuron, muscle or gland.

Oftentimes, this type of sustained gamma wave activity is only seen in people who spent years practicing meditation, during deep memory recall or while having extraordinary dreams.

Studies of highly experienced yogis have shown that, during deep meditation, the high-frequency gamma waves produced are associated with moments of ecstasy or intense concentration.

During studies of monks recorded by Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist and psychologist at the University of Wisconsin’s Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience, who reported the highest measures of gamma activity ever recorded, he discovered that the monks had conditioned their brains to tune into happiness most of the time.

Even the late gifted psychic Ingo Swann, widely regarded as one of the best remote viewers in the world, once wired to an EEG machine, during remote viewing of a distant object, showed bursts of fast brain activity in the high beta and gamma range, similar to that of Davidson’s monks.

According to the results of brain-wave monitoring, Swann had entered a super-conscious state, enabling him to receive information impossible to access during normal waking consciousness.

In Sam’s case, Dr Ajmal Zemmar, a neurosurgeon who was finishing his residency at Vancouver Hospital (he’s now at the University of Louisville, in Kentucky), was Sam’s doctor and simply trying his best to keep his patient alive.

But after Sam died, Zemmar and his fellow doctors were stunned to see that their EEG equipment had accidentally recorded the activity of a brain before, during and after death.

They carried out a literature search and were amazed to discover that this was the first time EEG equipment had been able to measure activity of a dying brain.

After reviewing what they had, they came to believe that these changes in the gamma range could be more evidence of the so-called ‘life review’ that people who have experienced near death experiences claim to undergo.

As Zemmar reported in a statement, “Through generating brain oscillations involved in memory retrieval, the brain may be playing a last recall of important life events just before we die, similar to the ones reported in near-death experiences.”

In the literature search, Zemmar found that this kind of brain wave signature is present in people “when they see pictures of their loved ones, when they remember the birth of their child,” he said.

“The key descriptions are always consistent – out-of-body experiences, flashbacks of memory, dreaming states – that was fairly consistent in the whole.”

When investigating further, Zemmar and his team also discovered an animal study of young rats showing that when they underwent heart attacks, they experienced the same brainwave patterns.

There is one final piece of good news for those who are left behind during the death of a loved one. With Davidson’s monks, this heightened state also produced permanent emotional improvement, by activating the left anterior portion of the brain – the portion most associated with joy.

All of which may just mean that, depending on what we conclude about that life we’ve lived, when we make that transition to another realm we may do so in an ecstatic state of superconsciousness – and even with a big smile on our faces.


Playing us out, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard offers his personal tribute to the late Mick Ronson with “This is for you”

I love Mick Ronson’s original version from his “Play don’t worry” album. It reaches deep, and inspires me when I’m preparing to meditate. Joe does it justice, and honors his friend.

There is no doubt, music is good for the soul, it reaches us in a way that little else does. We are all individuals within the collective, so our musical tastes will differ, but it is a great way for us to connect to something so much bigger than our mortal-selves. It is interesting how many Rock Stars believed themselves to be galactically connected. As you might expect, David Bowie (pictured below) was one of them. I’ll get more into that in a future edition.

Thank you Joe, and thank you Mick for a life well lived!


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