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Elevated Planet, Edition Forty

Brings you:

“Ninja Hero Turtles” &

Third Eye/Brow Chakra, Short Guided Meditation with Jole' Gabrielle

Straight from the LiCo (Lighted Consciousness) Pandemic of Higher consciousness series, and following up from Jole’ Gabrielle’s explanation of the sixth chakra (Ajna is Sanskrit) from last week, the Brow (Third-Eye) Chakra provides the energy for us to experience clear & concise thought, as well as spiritual reflection and inner contemplation.

When activated, this chakra stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, the creative and the analytical. Working together they create a harmonious vision of reality that incorporates grounded, logical thinking and intuitive, imaginative experience.

It is about the power of the mind to create our reality, we can transform our lives, harness our reality and implement our dreams. So what are you waiting for!!!

Click on the pic to access the video!

Flippin’ Ninja Hero Turtles in action!

Community consciousness is an enormously powerful thing, and here it is demonstrated by Turtles coming together to help one of their brethren in distress! (click on the pic to watch)

You’ve got to love this.. See the calm that comes over our floundering friend as he sees his community coming to the rescue, he knows he is indeed in safe flippers!

Mankind tends to elevate itself above the animal kingdom, while in reality it is the animals that demonstrate to us time and again the way to live in harmony with each other (and our planet). We have much to learn by observing the animal kingdom. You’ve only got to watch the incredible work of David Attenborough and team to see miracles in evidence all around us, while (as David will tell us time and again) mankind continues to destroy the very planet we call home.

I had a fascinating interview with Miguel Mendonça this last week on behalf of Elevated Planet. Miguel is a talented researcher and author from whom I have learned much, and a musician who’s work was featured on our recent Crop Circles video that we featured in our Edition Thirty Eight (and now shows on the website home page). Miguel has recently released his latest album entitled “Into Galactic”, (see and we shall be tapping deeper into his talent and music in subsequent weeks. The interview covered a broad range of topics, and we will be breaking it down into bite sized portions to share the wisdom and experience of Miguel.

As Miguel spent much of his life researching the environment, eco-systems, renewable energy, the green economy and sustainability it was interesting to hear that in Miguel’s opinion, we (on Planet Earth) are already screwed! (I’m confident that David Attenborough would agree with Miguel too!). I personally believe that is why we are undergoing a planetary shift right now, as it is too late to mend our ways from the damage already inflicted by mankind on the third dimensional version of Gaia Mother Earth. As Nostradamus said, “the best one could do is to work for the light, and put out as much positive energy as you can, to try to lessen the effects as much as possible”.

Meanwhile, much of Miguel’s work also touches deeply into the heart of “The Twiglet Zone” themes, so fasten your seatbelts as we once again test the boundaries of mainstream reality.

However, I have a feeling that this non-mainstream reality is set to become mainstream reality before long, so watch this space. By 2025, we will understand so much more than we do now. Ahead of us is a time of extreme change.

“So what do we do about it”, you ask?

We make like Turtles. that’s what we do!

Create a community consciousness based on kindness, compassion, trust, giving, fearlessness, gratitude and an overriding sense of fun and celebration of life (I shamelessly stole that from “The Turtles handbook of life”).. It is time to elevate our planet!


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