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Elevated Planet, Edition Thirty Two brings us Lift Off!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Many thanks to our Foundation Community for being here with us since August, but now it is time to “reach for the stars” with those after-burners disposing rocket fuel into our already polluted atmosphere faster than you can say Jack Robinson!

Actually, we decided against a showy rocket launch (sorry Elon) in order to avoid adding further to the climate change issue. In so doing we are saving the environment and Elevating the Planet!

Instead we can post a picture of our launch-day balloon upon request, (though it is quite flaccid).

Elevated Planet Inspiration:

Below is a quote that always makes me think of my ex-Father-in-Law (John), who passed away in August of 2016. He was one of those rare individuals who had a gift for brightening up everyone’s day. If you were to spend just a minute in John’s company, you went away feeling better about yourself, the world, and with a smile on your face.

John was humble, loving, compassionate and kind, he was naturally witty, and always upbeat with a great sense of fun. He was nobody’s fool and could stand up for himself if the circumstances ever demanded it, but that was rarely needed as his playful demeanour disarmed those whose energy may have lacked integrity.

As it happens, John is one of the reasons Elevated Planet now exists.

When he passed from this mortal plane he was sorely missed by many, particularly my daughter Stephanie who loved her Grandad dearly. We were Brit’s living in California at the time, but Stephanie kept seeing signs that her Grandad was still with her, supporting and loving her just as he did in life. This included meeting him in lucid dreams that were incredibly powerful and comforting.

As a result, Stephanie decided to see a Medium to see if she could connect with her Grandad through that channel, so in February 2018 she did just that. None of us had ever had a Reading before, so this was very much a “first”!

Sure enough, her Grandad came through to her with lots of beautiful supportive messages, as did Cousin Maureen from New York who was there with John in The Spirit Realm. Then my Mum came through to her. Mum passed away back in 1981 well before Stephanie was born in 1998, but she had been with Stephanie throughout her life regardless.

While I was completely supportive of Stephanie’s pilgrimage to see a Medium, I had never even contemplated going for a Reading. In essence I was a little sceptical of the whole “life after death” thing as it didn’t fit with my left-brain version of reality. However, not only were there messages for Stephanie, but there were also significantly profound (and much needed) messages for me, both from John and my Mum!

My mind was boggled! If this Medium stuff was a trick, how could they possibly know all these facts? This was over 5,000 miles away from where they lived out their lives, and in the case of my Mum, 37 years had passed since she died. How could they know the traumas that were playing out for me at that particular time?

Susan Grau changed my life!

As a result I had to go against my instincts and book myself a Reading!

I went to a completely different Medium, Susan Grau in Tustin, California. Susan had a three month waiting list, but her reviews suggested she was worth waiting for.

Susan WAS worth waiting for. That hour changed my life. I was confronted with overwhelming evidence that not only did the afterlife exist, but they’d all been around me every step of the way, cheering me on from the side-lines as I worked my way through the joys & challenges of life!

The pic links to Susan’s website:

John & Maureen came through first. John is very powerful in the afterlife and could even move the gong that was on Susan’s cabinet (Susan told me this was very rare) then Mum came through with Uncle Richard. They talked about the crazy car ride I’d had with Richard in Germany when I was six years old (he got in trouble with Mum for putting me in danger, but as a kid I thought it was great fun! :-). Then my grandparents from the UK & Germany. My German grandparents told me they were as close in the afterlife as they were when in the physical plane, and I’ve seen evidence of them both together around me since then.

As I left Susan’s office, I knew that my life would never be the same. The version of reality I had arrived with had been turned on its head. The level of detail I had received meant I had nowhere to go but to accept the afterlife as reality. So my next question to myself was, so if I was wrong, how wrong was I? This set me on a journey of discovery that has made me realise that this afterlife stuff is just the thin end of the wedge! OMG!

The thing that stood out above all else, was just how healing this all was for me, and to that point I hadn’t even realised I needed healing!

My burning desire was to take this amazing Mediumship gift and get it out of the shadows and into the mainstream. If you could imagine a scenario where going to see a Medium (or other Spirit-worker) could be discussed with your pals over a pint of beer down the pub in the same breath as describing your favourite sports teams latest victory, that is my vision for the future! :-)

We will soon have a team of Readers & Healers available through our website for those who find themselves “Spiritually Curious”. That is our next phase of development.

I see myself as very much a “mainstream bloke” having lived my first 58 years blind to many subsequently uncovered realities of life. The difference is that I now live life fearlessly and without stress as a result of all I have learned. I hadn’t appreciated how amazing life is, but I do now!

This sense of inner-peace & happiness is what we want for our entire community, this is particularly important because these next three years will see profound change across the planet that will cause us to re-think our reality.

There is no need to panic, the dense energies have to play-out to get us where we are going, and it is so much better than where we have been. You always have the choice to not get sucked-up into the drama, and to be able to hold that place of inner-peace will be important to your well-being. You have way more power than you have been conditioned to realise, and together the power of our community consciousness will be immense!

In conclusion:

Elevated Planet is all about lighting up everyone’s “inner happiness candles”, just as John did in life, simply by being his authentic, caring, loving self! John, EP honours you!


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