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Brace Yourselves: The Lid is about to be Blown off & there is no coming back!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Dr Steven Greer: The Lost Century Premiere & Event, Washington DC

Prepare yourselves: The lid is finally about to be very publicly blown off this subject matter, after a century of distortion, corruption & greed of the highest order.

A Warning & an Opportunity: While the following is considered truth, it may help some to simply think of it as an interesting dystopian fantasy. Just enjoy the story, then decide its validity for yourself.

However you choose to see this, we see it as an opportunity for psychological preparedness. We believe this is important. Dr Greer has documented proof that a dark control element, have long planned psychological warfare against the people, under the guise of an alien invasion (yes I know, fantastical, but please just bear with us). This extreme fear creation born of a highly convincing "false flag" event, gives them significant control and power.

However, this is defused when you have had a heads-up on the dark agenda, because you get to see it for what it is, and you get the choice to focus on the light, and not be drawn in.

Instead it is "we the people" take back our power as we become fearless & enlightened.

With love.. John Drew & the Team at Elevated Planet

The backstory

25th October 2022 saw Dr Greer’s live lecture in Santa Monica ahead of the docu-movie to be released June 10th. For anyone who has not seen his past work it comes highly recommended. It is eye-opening viewing, with total integrity interweaved into the content. Links to his past work are included in this blog..

I believe that when the population of the world truly understands the scale of this, there will be significant grief and anger. And this goes way beyond elected officials who have often been deliberately kept out of the loop.

This “government bypass” has led to an amendment to the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) in December 2022, which offers whistle-blower protection for those who participated in programs involving UFOs – of extra-terrestrial or human origin.

Dr. Greer is working closely with very trusted, highly placed individuals in the US government to tackle this issue, and ensure those that give evidence are protected.

This first video is unrelated to Dr Greer, but this is as a good reason to include it. Many might believe that Dr Greer is a crackpot who doesn’t know what he is talking about! Given that the subject matter here appears pretty fantastical, that opinion is very understandable.

So by exploring the work of unrelated parties of high repute, that independently support the findings of Dr Greer, then we have fewer places to hide from the truth. Click here, or on the pic of Nikola Tesla above to access this first video. I would ask you to keep your mind open.

So what is The Lost Century (& how to retrieve it) all about?

  • ZERO POINT ENERGY, which would abolish fossil fuels, pollution and poverty forever

  • ELECTROMAGNETIC GRAVITICS, with which we can bend the fabric of spacetime to travel anywhere in an instant

  • CONSCIOUSNESS-ASSISTED TECHNOLOGIES, which tap into our latent spiritual abilities to manifest a desired outcome.

A Century of Illegal UFO Secrecy Has Cost Humanity a Hundred Years of Technological, Cultural and Spiritual Development.

Dr Greer's ground-breaking lecture exposed the cost of the coverup to the planet and the human race, and how we can reclaim control of our collective destiny. Climate change, biosphere collapse, poverty, hunger, pandemics, energy rationing, religious and political tribalism, and endless wars for natural resources have us teetering on the edge of extinction.

His work continues to shine a light on the biggest scandal that has ever been perpetrated on this planet. It continues to cost millions of lives every year through needless war, poverty and famine, as well as doing untold damage to the biosphere. It is time to awaken to a new reality. It is time to take back our power from those who have misled us for over a century.

The Lost Century uncovers technologies that have vanished off the face of the Earth, as a result of the interests of those that benefit financially as a result of fossil fuel extraction and usage. On our current trajectory Dr Greer & team estimate that we may have 20-years left before the biosphere of this planet is irreversibly destroyed.

The good news is that there are plenty of alternative energy sources, it is just that the information has been suppressed in a variety of ways, often quite brutal. But it is time to act, we have to bring these technologies back to the forefront and they are, in most cases, incredibly simple.

By doing so, we have the opportunity to move our planet:

  • from scarcity, to unlimited abundance.

  • From more conflict, to universal peace.

  • From more climate change, to Planet Earth & mankind in harmony.

  • From more biosphere collapse, to biosphere restoration!

The zero point energy field is an answer. What is the zero point energy field? Well, this is the energy that powers spacecraft that travel across galaxies in a short period of time. It is a completely passive energy with no by-products. In past Twiglet Zones (linked), I described: Rivers of electro-magnetic energy flow throughout the universe, available for anyone to use, much like streams of Plankton flow through our oceans creating an elemental life force energy for our ocean dwellers. ET Spaceships are able to convert these electro-magnetic rivers into fuel that ensures they never run out of energy, regardless of the distances to be traversed”.

Indeed these rivers of electromagnetic energy do constantly flow throughout the universe and around our planet, the energy is in the very air around us. There is nothing miraculous about this, our scientists are well aware of zero point energy, or vacuum energy as it is also known. This is the basis of what Nikola Tesla discovered a century ago.

The technology to convert this already exists, just held very secretively at a “Black-Ops” government level.

Image of a crash retrieval - August 25, 1974 - Coyanne, Mexico

Numerous examples of reverse-engineered spacecraft have been created from those captured at Roswell and a variety of other places around the world. The engineering on these home-spun spacecraft are distinguishable from those of our galactic chums, as they are more crude, with rivets and bolts and sometimes visible metal infrastructure. Nonetheless, they are impressive because anti-gravity has been reverse-engineered to allow these things to fly. (This is where the Electromagnetic Gravitics Dr Greer mentioned enters the equation).

If this is true, how has this been so successfully suppressed for so long?

Well, having control of media output helps. One thing that will become more apparent over the next few months and years is how the diet of news we are fed is deliberately distorted to reinforce the false conditioning and programming that we have consumed for a lifetime.

Ridicule is a weapon that has been constantly deployed by “the control agenda” through the media, to mock and destroy the credibility of those who are simply trying to share the truth.

One of the biggest shocks to the mainstream, will be the realisation that those we have been conditioned to trust to act in our best interests, have for many decades been controlling and manipulating us for their own agenda. Elected officials of course come and go, it goes well beyond that level. Elected officials exist in part to create the veil of democracy, but there is a significant control agenda that sits beyond this, often using fear and division energy to ensure they retain their grip on power and extreme wealth.

Other suppression methods involve the purchase of innovative, disruptive technologies followed by “black shelving” of them (the technology disappears). Sometimes extreme threats have been used to force the creators to discontinue their work, and many have been murdered or simply disappeared. Dr Greer goes into detail on this point, with evidence to back up the claims.

Who are committing these atrocities? Well prophetically, in Issue Nine, (year 2) on the subject of Covid19, Dr Elaine Godley spoke about how the pandemic had been deliberately distorted, saying:

Few members of the public are aware that mainstream media all over the world is controlled by a handful of very rich and influential individuals who seek world domination across society including financial, physical and emotional aspects.”

This was the good doctor hitting the nail on the head!

While it may sound like utter fantasy, over time we will all get to understand it as "the way things used to be". Used to be, because times are changing. These shadow aspects will not succeed in maintaining their hold. The likes of Dr Steven Greer and his team are helping to shine the light on the manipulation of the past & present, for us to move beyond it to the ways things should have been all along.

As he points out in his lecture, the transition to zero point energy and aligned technologies has to be handled with compassion, because when you pause to think of the implications, they are VERY far reaching. Our society is structured around energy provided by the very fossil fuels that are killing our planet.

If you imagine that in less than 10-years from now, you could have a box outside your home that provides all the free energy you will ever need. There is no requirement for a power grid to get that energy to you. Your vehicle will be powered by the same free energy, and you will never need to refuel because the fuel exists all around us, always. Solar energy, wind energy, nuclear and other forms of energy are no longer required.

The value of fossil fuel based industries and support industries will collapse and jobs lost. Anyone with a pension or share portfolio exposed to these markets, will lose significant value. And that is the thin end of the wedge, in reality it could mean the entire collapse of the worlds financial system as we know it.

When you stop to think about it, you get to realise why there are those that have refused to grasp the opportunity for a sustainable future, preferring instead to kick the can down the road for someone else to take responsibility.

However, for the future of mankind and all of creation on our planet, it is “we the people” who have to come together in the spirit of unity, so that our children and grandchildren have a planet with a functioning biosphere. Without that, there is no future for mankind on this planet, so this has to be worth doing regardless of the disruption.

And we do not seek retribution for the past, instead we step back into our power by recognising and dissolving the dense energies that have held us captive. We immerse ourselves in the high frequency energies of love, compassion, forgiveness and non-judgement. It is the choice of every person on this planet as to whether they take this path, and for those who do not, then that choice is honoured without judgement by those that can. We are all on our own journeys and that is as it should be. All life experiences are equally valid, hence no judgement is required.

What does that even mean??

Well, we are immortal spirits having a human experience, as such we can never die. We are not our physical bodies, they are just the amazing vehicles that have been gifted to us for this incarnation. Your consciousness exists with, or without a physical body. We all came from the one source and that is to where we will all ultimately return, regardless of the path we choose to get there. We each came here with a purpose, and for those who are curious as to what your purpose may be, I know how you can find out! (As a clue, it will be something that “lights you up with a serious sense of passion”).

For now, just know that you are powerful, that at a fundamental level you are love and light at your essence. Whenever it is your time to end this particular incarnation, a beautiful journey awaits, and it will feel like finally being allowed to take off a badly fitting shoe! (If you one day discover I’m wrong in that assertion, let me know and you’ll get you your money back! :-)

This journey back to spirit will make you wonder why you chose to be incarnated into this dense, low vibration, physical world in the first place! Yet on another level you will know you did it to experience the roller-coaster of emotions, challenges and experiences that this crazy free-will planet has on offer, and many will look to do it all over again once you’ve had chance to rest up and decide what your next future growth path needs to be.

Of course, you don’t have to reincarnate on this planet, there are an infinite number of easier options. Planet Earth is one of the toughest assignments on offer, so if you are here reading this right now, congratulate yourself on showing the courage to take on one of the biggest challenges that all of creation has to offer!

What makes that challenge so significant is that we get to forget everything we knew before we were born, and we offer ourselves up to the life programming we are subjected to as babies, children and then adults. Our opportunity for this incarnation is to learn, to grow, and (if we awaken to our true spiritual heritage), to access our “higher-selves”. They are our team, they hold deep wisdom and are part of us just waiting to be invited to show us the way forward (and maybe you can ask about that “life purpose thing" while you’re at it? :-)

If we each learn how powerful we are (we are each a fragment of divine source energy after all), and we come together wielding the power of group consciousness, we can create a community built on a foundation of high frequency energies like love, joy, compassion and a celebration of life that makes all of this worthwhile. (BTW, it’s not me that’s writing this, it’s my higher-self channelling through me, he’s so much brighter than me, I just had to learn how to get out of the way!) 😂

I invite you to join our Elevated Planet community on this journey. It’s going to be “the ride of our lives”, so buckle your seatbelt and brace yourself to access that joyous, uninhibited freedom of expression that taps into “the real you”!

In Conclusion..

As Socrates said,

“Quod arcanum est mutare focus industria omnia, ne pugnam ex antiquum: novus, sed in aedificationem”.

I can sense you looking at each other thinking “OMG that is so true!”

For the benefit of those for whom their Latin may be a little rusty.. Socrates said: “The secret of change is to focus all our energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Along with Dr Greer and other like minded souls, it is time to build the new

The Earth changes will bring challenges, but that’s what we came here for. Once we get our act together and reach out in love and service to ourselves, our planet, and all of creation across all dimensions, we will be supported from places almost beyond our mortal comprehension..

I know!! Fantastic isn’t it!!

The time for the coming together of all religions, faiths and beliefs is upon us, it is time for us to tap into our Christ-Consciousness within, because believe it or not, we are “the second coming”, all of us.

We each have the choice to access this part of us, and that is the ultimate measure of just how powerful we are!

It is time to reclaim our sovereignty, and to celebrate life.

This series from 2014 is as relevant today as it was then.. I invite you try them for yourselves


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