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Brace yourself! We are about to go “free-range”

I felt compelled to share this wonderful 10 minute video with you

The message is a very important one and it tells us a truth that I believe will resonate with many, though it may require a moment to step back and consider. The truth of these profound words may sit more in our subconscious, but this provides an opportunity for us to bring it forward into our conscious mind.

Things do not have to be this way. We have the choice to “build the new”.

I recall seeing a TV documentary many years ago where chickens were released from a battery farm so that they could live a natural life in a field. At first the chickens were confused. Their programming and life-conditioning had not provided them the opportunity to perceive a life of freedom with the ability to decide their own direction.

However, as instinct kicked in, they started to explore and to scratch the ground with their feet, thereby finding things to eat. Before long they were well adjusted chickens living the life that celebrated their existence as feathered expressions of consciousness! (The smiles on those beaks was something to behold! :-)

As I see it, we are the human equivalents of those battery hens. Over the next few months and years, we are about to have revealed to us, the supressed facts & deliberately distorted programming that has been designed to keep us small and serve an “elite”.

Once this happens, there will be much confusion, because it forces us out of the programming we have been force-fed throughout our lives and come to accept as reality. Grief energy will be high as we let go of what we were familiar with and resilience will be needed at this time, but it is also why we chose to be here on the planet right now.

Brace yourselves! Your mind will be bogled! We are about to go “free range” so get your “scratching boots” out. I believe it will be a big adjustment and very different to now, but ultimately (as it was for the chickens), it will be so much better!

Having seen the evidence from many sources, this is how I see it. But what about you?

Is this “Truth” or “deluded nonsense” ? You decide :-)


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