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An Easter Story: "The Second Coming" is taking place right now!

Part of “The Dead Happy series” -

Entrainment.. We are comprised of energy & are unconsciously influenced by more powerful energy, so the best thing to do is to surround ourselves with energy that makes us happy.

Energy entrains to more powerful energy, just like it did with the clocks in the shop of Christian Huygens in Amsterdam in 1666. He discovered that the pendulum frequencies of clocks mounted on the same wall became synchronized to each other, with the energy from the largest clock being the one that the others entrained to.

This rule of entrainment applies to mankind too, so it is important to be selective about the kind of energy you surround yourself with, and consume. For one thing you wouldn’t want to entrain to the energy of the news media, as that typically brings you a diet rich in the energies of worry, anger, fear and stress.

If you do, then you have to cope with all the physical challenges that can bring you. If you choose to consume this diet of negativity, your body is often in a stress response and (as proven in recent scientific research) it can encourage (amongst other ailments) heart disease, cancer and depression (its called dis-ease for a reason).

Conversely, if you can find inner-peace and happiness in your life, you are "at-ease”, therefore far less likely to attract the unwanted trappings of “dis-ease”.

“But how do you do this when surrounded by the negative and powerful energy of war and blatant injustice” you ask, getting a little annoyed by my simplistic suggestion?

Well, I would say “it is so much easier than you might believe, because you have a choice, do you want stress or inner-peace?” You are solely responsible for the decision you make, but both are equally accessible.

The first thing you have to realise of course is that choice is available to you. To do that you have to escape the density and distortion of the life programming & conditioning we have all been subjected to. That and the propaganda that is designed to keep us small and easily controlled, it prevents us from realising how powerful we really are!

As examples of the power of entrainment, Adolf Hitler carried powerful low frequency energy, and much of the nation entrained to him, he was the equivalent of the biggest clock on Christian Huygens wall in Amsterdam in 1666. Hitler was just one of three versions of the Antichrist, and that was the measure of his power. It really wasn’t the fault of the people of Germany, for the most part they couldn’t avoid getting caught up in his energy, and the rest is history. Dense energy can be powerful.

However, along with other Ascended Masters that have lived amongst mankind, Jesus Christ was an example of someone who carried powerful high-frequency energy and people entrained to him quite naturally. Now that would be an energy worth entraining to!

As we know, at that time the rich and powerful were threatened by the power in his words (words and thoughts are more powerful than many of us appreciate). They did not want the people living fearlessly with love, compassion and kindness as the driving force while believing in an ever loving God-force energy.

Much of the hierarchy of the Sanhedrin wanted the people to live in fear, because fear meant the population could be easily controlled. Meanwhile Jesus taught that life was to be cherished, love was the most powerful energy and death was not to be feared because we are all immortal. As such, Jesus was a thorn in the side of the Sanhedrin, and they ultimately felt they had found a way to dispose of the problem.

However, while he was crucified for all to see, Jesus rose again and this made an even more powerful statement about the power of love and everlasting life (Happy Easter for those who celebrate the Christian faith).

And I totally respect that there are many who do not follow the teachings of Christ, and I for one am not in any way religious, nor do I believe I ever will be, but as it is Easter, the powerful story of Jesus remains our focus this time around.

In the aftermath of the crucifixion, many followers of Jesus were tracked down and killed. Jesus’s Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, along with Mary, (Mother of Jesus), and many disciples and followers, miraculously survived the intentions of The Romans to kill them. Joseph of Arimathea was enormously wealthy & powerful, so a simple blatant assassination had to be avoided.

So the Romans devised and executed a plan to put them onboard a ship, without a rudder, sails or oars, towed them into the Mediterranean and they were simply left to drift until they died of thirst or starvation. However, the ship was caught in a current that took them to the coast of Gaul (as France was named at that time) and they survived. The landing place is still today named Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (Saint Marys of the Sea).

Having cheated this intended death, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary and many others, travelled on to live amongst friends of Joseph’s, The Druids in South West England. Joseph had forged a strong bond with them over several decades as a trader of tin, which at that time was more precious than gold. Indeed, Jesus himself had travelled there with his Uncle several times during his boyhood, in order to spend time with the Druidic wise men.

Having settled in England, Joseph of Arimathea created the worlds first ever church in Glastonbury, to follow the teachings of Jesus. It was known as “The Church of The Way”, and followers were known as “The Followers of The Way”. This was as Jesus wanted it to be, it was never his wish to be deified, he simply wanted to be an example for others to entrain to. He was “The Way”.

It wasn’t until around 400 AD that the term Christianity was first introduced.

Since those times people have speculated about “the second coming” of Jesus, and I am far from on my own in believing that “the second coming” is already here!

However, rather than one person, Jesus is represented as the Christ Consciousness that resides within us all. It is simply a question of whether you accept this, and engage that part of who you are. As always, we have a choice.

Christ Consciousness can be awakened by anyone who is ready, and it will allow you to live a life of fearlessness, inner-peace and harmony, while spreading that same energy to the people around you. In so doing you will become a beacon of high-frequency energy for others to entrain to.

We have to be mindful to go back to the version of “The Way” that is not corrupted by religious dogma or misogyny. There are several amazing books that completely avoid religious bias, telling it as it was, thus enabling you to judge for yourself. Contact me via the website or email JohnDrew@ElevatedPlanet.Life if you are interested in exploring.

And the other thing is to remember to be your authentic self, rather than attempting to be "Jesus, The sequel!" Christ Consciousness can take many forms, our diversity exists for a reason and makes us stronger as a global community. It is part of our individual journey to understand our purpose in life, and it is often based around the thing that brings us most joy, while allowing us to be in the service of others.

Of course I say all this, but I totally accept that this can be a difficult thing to conceive when caught up in the programming and conditioning of limitation we have been taught from birth. We are so much more than so many of us realise, and we can choose to claim back our power in the blink of an eye. When we do so, we rise above the density of the story that is being constantly spoon fed to us, and we step into that place of inner-peace and harmony.

We change the world by first changing ourselves. We have a loving, fearless spirit that resides within. We just have to release it, then life becomes a celebration and you become that contagious beacon of happiness shining brightly against the density of the low frequency energies of fear, anger, violence, control & judgement. You can form part of Elevated Planet's Pandemic of Higher Consciousness (for which there is no known cure).

Then you can change the world by being who you truly are. What will you choose?

If the time is right for you, you will know. If it isn’t, you may well consider this as fanciful, deluded nonsense! Either way is equally valid, we are all on our own lifepaths and I respect that totally.

Elevated Planet is simply here plant seeds. It is your choice about whether they germinate.


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