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2022 DIRE Predictions, Putin+Biden+Others = Molotov Cocktail!

Elevated Planet comment.. (& Grateful Thanks Dolores Cannon)

Much like the 9/11 attacks, Nostradamus saw this coming!

Troubling though the following article appears, be mindful that this is just part of the journey that has to play out, to get us to something SO MUCH BETTER! The light stands out so much brighter from the dark, and for those that choose it, the light, and a new beginning is where we are heading.

Lao Tzu: “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”

Putin, Biden + Others = Molotov Cocktail, Part Three

Hang on to your hats.. This is going to be a rough ride! (Recorded on 23rd Feb 2022)

This is an eye-opening final part to this latest conversation between John Drew of Elevated Planet, and Research Scientist & Numerology Futurologist, Chris Styles of 365 Pin Code ( &

This follows on from our conversation in January that very much laid the foundation for what we are seeing playing out on the world stage right now.

How does this look going forward? It is fair to say that we are witnessing germination of the seeds that are growing into a tumultuous year (and years) ahead. It is all in the numbers, and Chris explains how and why this all measures up, with Putin, Biden, Johnson and other world leaders unlikely to find common ground on which to resolve the conflict.

Plus Gaia Mother Earth and The Law of Cause & Effect.

The price of coming back into balance could be a painful one given the significant disharmony created by mankind on our beautiful, living planetary home (as noted by Nostradamus). The pendulum has a long way to swing back to get us into equilibrium so brace yourselves for Mother Nature's response. Our world is about to change with the ultimate wake-up call!


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