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Hi from Jolé

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Co-Founder of Elevated Planet, Jolé specializes in insightful intuitive readings and ongoing energy support that assists clients in connecting with their own intuition to affect positive life changes. She is an expert at healing chakras.

As a child, Jolé was a natural intuitive and became aware of the influence spirit has on the physical body. Introduced to metaphysics by her father at the age of 12, she has studied everything from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Egyptian Mystery Systems.

On her personal path of healing and self-discovery, she acquired first-hand knowledge of the benefits of energy medicine.  This awareness sparked a burning desire to be of service and help others connect with their own inner healing power.

By combining esoteric teachings with scientific training, she has honed her intuitive skills to accurately identify patterns in the mind and body that cause discomfort and disease.

Explore Jolé's numerous educational & Guided Meditation videos by subscribing to our 'Elevated Planet' YouTube channel

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