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You are here at this time of enormous planetary transformation, on purpose!

Part of our “Dead-Happy” series!

Life is a celebration, a divine gift. We are here to learn, to love and to grow.

Once we realize that “the death experience” is one of the most beautiful & joyous things that will ever happen to us, we are liberated, we are fearless, we take back our power. We can truly live life understanding we are immortal spirits having a human experience.

So, is this truth, or deluded nonsense? That is for you to decide, but before you do, go within, beyond the ego mind, tap into your deeper wisdom that resides beyond your conscious self. Then you are in the right place to ask this important question.

Before we were born into our earthly bodies, we knew full well that we would be here on Gaia Mother Earth during a time of enormous transformation, and we were honored and excited to be a part of it. We will be here witnessing first hand, the kind of change that had never before been attempted anywhere in the Universe, (or Multiverse for that matter). Eyes are upon us to see how this all plays out.

Of course, once we were born into our earthly form, we forget everything we ever knew and start over from scratch (it’s all part of the contract). Rather than learning from our multitude of past incarnations, unconscious to the soul agreements we made before we came, we learn from parents, siblings, friends and all those other influences that make us who we are today.

In amongst all that programming that we have absorbed, are a bunch of programs that do not serve us at all. They have been deliberately distorted in an attempt to stop us from realizing how much power we truly have.

Deliberate lies & disinformation have been part of the control agenda by “the authorities” for many decades. And this goes way beyond any existing President, Prime Minister, or whatever title we give the person who heads our respective government, the truth is that they are simply puppets to a bigger and more powerful agenda.

The figureheads are in place to provide the appearance of democracy, while behind the scenes, decisions are made about what the public should be allowed to know, and how that information should be manipulated so that the powerful retain their power at the expense of those that (technically speaking) they “serve”.

This is often evidenced as division energy, creating fear and anger targeted at a cunningly crafted “common enemy”. It is a great way to create control. The electorate willingly (though unconsciously) give away their power so that we can be protected from this manufactured danger. In the same way, pharma corporations will sow the seeds of insecurity about our state of health or the way we look, before providing the miracle solution to the (often) fictitious issue they have just created.

What are examples of the lack of disclosure or distorted truths?

Well, division energy is one with which we are all familiar, it is pretty much a constant, and that includes division even within our own countries! In that way they divide and conquer their own people.

Also, the governments have been in communication with Extra Terrestrials since the 1940’s, and this issue goes very deep.

Once the truth is ultimately disclosed, you may well be horrified to know the extent of what has been going on. Human (& non-human) rights abuse is the thin end of the wedge. Certain factions within the political system have become a law unto themselves, untouchable by governments who (as we know) will come and go.

Oh, one other distorted truth, we haven’t needed fossil fuels for the last 40-years.

There is so much stuff that ‘we don’t need’ to live a fulfilled and happy life, with many (though not all) pharmaceutical products right up there as one of the biggest all-time cons.

This is true particularly in the USA, where many of the population have often been unknowingly brainwashed by the distorted visions peddled through endless advertising.

In reality, we have enormous power for natural self-healing, the human body is a miracle and the next few years will provide us with the opportunity to understand this truth so much better.

Also, endless consumerism, chasing material possessions to ‘make us better, happier more successful people’, is one of those illusions that is about to explode. And we pursue this while willfully destroying the very living planet that is our home. The whole idea is that (much like the ancients did), we need to live in balance and harmony with nature and the planet.

EVERYTHING has consciousness and deserves to be treated with love and respect.

Humanity is about to face something that will bring into focus what really matters in life. It is what you came here for, though many of us don’t yet remember it.

Personally, I’m not in any way angry about the distorted truth that we are constantly fed by politicians, corporations, and the media. I’m just happy to explain my version of how it is, and we have the simplest of all solutions to allow us to take back our power.

We do this not by fighting the old, we simply create the new, based on integrity, honesty, compassion, fun and kindness, in short, a celebration of life. We put the “unity” back into “community” because community consciousness is an enormously powerful thing. For once, this has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with bringing us back to who we truly are.

We then switch off totally from the fear agenda and take back our power, and there it is! It really is that simple!

If you feel it is right for you, then you should be part of this journey. There are no geographical boundaries, our community is open to all countries and cultures, because underneath it all, we are all one!

Will it really be that easy?

Well, those in power will resist change, and they often have dark, powerful energy. They have the ability to assassinate or find covert ways to remove or destroy those who wish to spoil their party. They have been doing it for years, so why would they stop now?

But, the truth is that the dark agenda cannot succeed in the long term because the light is a far more powerful frequency energy. We all came from the light, and ultimately that is to where we will return.

And in some ways, those who control the dark agendas are playing out their intended roles, it is our job to see it for what it is. We have a choice about what we get drawn towards, and how we respond to it. They are here as part of our “test”, a component of our “life-lessons”.

And once death holds no fear for us, then the control agenda falters anyway. Death is not to be feared, because when we die, we go to a place of incredible beauty & unconditional love. (I personally guarantee it, or you get your money back! :-)

The biggest challenge for most people will be the ability to switch off from the distorted programming we have been fed and accepted as reality for our entire lives.

That is indeed a big one! Many will not be ready; the old way is too deeply ingrained to accept an alternative reality.

You will be reading this believing it should carry an allergy warning, because this story contains nuts!

So, what will it take to awaken people to the opportunity to escape the much-peddled distortion and move into a new period of ascension, enlightenment, growth, and expansion? Well, brace yourselves because we are about to find out!

These next three to four years will bring forth a series of tumultuous events that will force us to face up to reality. This will likely cause panic, and significant grief across the world’s population, but as Lao Tzu told us, “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”.

Grief is an energy with which we are all familiar. It is part of the human journey, but one thing about grief, is that it is a heart based emotional frequency, and anything that takes us into the heart provides an opportunity for realization and personal growth.

I’ve heard it said that only one in seven of the world’s population will be able to transition to the higher frequency energies that will be required for “The New fifth dimensional Earth”, but I suspect that number is a prediction, rather than a fact. Our individual destiny will remain in our hands. We have a choice as to whether we are ready to live in joy, or prefer instead to stick with the known, lower frequency third dimensional energies.

And this is not to judge anyone, because we are all on our unique path and in the end, we all ascend to the same incredible place. For some the journey takes longer, but that is as it should be. Our diversity exists for the strength and balance of the planet.

Is this Truth or Deluded Nonsense? You decide! 😊

It is time to Elevate our Planet and Celebrate Life… Join our community…


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