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"Wild Wisdom," by Louise Hatch

Following on from our introduction to Louise last week, we publish her beautifully crafted “Wild Wisdom”. For those that missed the intro, you can click here.

Grateful thanks also to Kate Jaconello for the images that support Louise’s written work.

Together they make a great creative team. I’m delighted they are part of our community!

Maybe Wild Wisdom will become a musical composition too? (Just askin’?!)

This first image “Woman in the clouds” is the only one not attributed to Kate (credit unknown)

The wild soul aspects are not to be underestimated. The rediscovery of the ancient arts and the exploration of modern ways keep us busy and occupied in our search for meaning. The entwining, I like to call it. The weaving of our dreams into reality, empowering us to move forward into unchartered territories and the creation of new paradigms of change and self-discovery.

As we elevate the spiritual, it enriches our lives with deeper ties to our souls and our hearts. We become who we came to be. Minute by minute. Each time we expand a comfort zone we light the way for others to push their dreams forward too.

In dedicating ourselves to the true path, we may find a temporary loneliness while we find our tribe, those times of solitude will serve us well. Fortifying us as we edge into the new, breathing deeply, our hearts pounding.

Wild wisdom is the innate intuitive impulse within us, the passions we hold, the measure of the times when we feel most connected and most alive. Free from the constraints of the ‘shoulds’ we impose on ourselves, and the restrictive boundaries we may have unconsciously taken on from others.

Wild wisdom does not necessarily mean wild abandon, although it might! It doesn’t mean we hurl the cards into the air and run, although it might. It more than likely means we will face ourselves, face our perceived imperfections and flaws, face all our beauty, and begin to ease our struggle to love ourselves fully, to stand in our power and speak what we know to be true for us.

We will be opened by raw honesty and vulnerability in ways that brute strength and ego-based determination never could. It will be messy at times. It will be uncomfortable and yet it will be freeing. As we let go, the wild wisdom sees the open spaces we have created, it has room to breathe. And when we can breathe fully, we fly higher, faster, and further.

With all our passions and gifts in our pockets ready to take flight too, with faith riding on our coat tails, we begin the flight to freedom. We begin the journey, Home. To ourselves.

Image 2 - SKY MAGIC 11 - Kate Jaconello

The wild wisdom of the universe mirrors our own within. If it has our permission to aid us on our mission, it amplifies.

It is the core of us. The deepest place in our hearts. It gets buried at times as we strive to fit in and follow the crowd. Our daily choices lead us to life commitments and before we know it, we are on a trajectory far from our wildest dreams.

But the calling back remains, we will hear it in the quiet night-time hours, or in the plaintive cries of a long-lost cause, we will fidget in our seats as we listen to words that no longer resonate, and we will sense an overburdening of our hearts and minds as we drift further from who we really are and all we long to become.

So, it’s all doom and gloom I hear you say? At its easiest it is a restlessness. At its most heightened it can be deafening (literally in my own case), the bells of my brain (tinnitus) pealing out to me to STOP! Listen and change. Slam the brakes on life before the road becomes the road to nowhere.

Image 3 - TREE OF LIFE - Kate Jaconello

Wild power, quietly doing its very best for us. Even though everything about it seems a challenge. Even though the shake-up it suggests seems a bridge too far. It will not relent. And nor should it. It is our greatest protection and our very best friend, the one that tells us the truth, even when we would rather believe the lie. That one. The truth deliverer. No gift wrapping allowed.

With burning hearts and churning stomachs, we sit and face the storm. The uncomfortable light of truth shining in our made-up faces. Take off the mask, show yourself! Let me see the beauty that is you, the whole you and nothing but the you.

Phew. Landed in obscurity, fading into the walls like dusk. All pretence aside. Breathing quietly and deeply we wait...

And we wait....

Image 4 - FEATHER - Kate Jaconello

To write this I had to wait...I had to wait until the experiences took me to this point. I always knew I was destined to sit at the keyboard, but I always thought I had to have the full plan first. I understand now, I simply had to show up, on time, regularly for my appointment with my own wild wisdom and stay out of the way! I feel as though I am transcribing, this is not to say this writing doesn’t have my soul imprinted on it because it does. But it also has wings of its own, it has taken its own flight path and we travel together, I just didn’t get to read the destination sign board and for the first time in my life that is ok. It is really ok. It is more than ok, it is essential. I am going with it and the fire that flows through my fingers is Divine, and I am blessed to have the experience. I just hope I can hold the heat!

© Louise Hatch 2023

Image 5 - WINTER SOLSTICE MOON PART 1 - Kate Jaconello

The Realisation of Destiny

The heat was almost unbearable. Her skin was dripping with sweat and her waist length hair was plastered to her head in wave like strands. She crawled along the ground. Belly to the earth. She was crawling away from the fire pit, the heat rising behind her like a shimmering aura. She looked half crazed in the dark of night, her skin crimson, lit by the fires glow.

She was coming towards The Ethereal Girl. She had something to show her. Something of importance and meaning. Her appearance belied her message. ‘Hold strong in the knowledge of the underlying power. Its depth will deepen the trust in the magic of life.’

The crown of glittering thorns on her brow almost pierced her forehead, the insistency of its carriage weighed heavily on her frame. She bore it well. She bore all of it well. She seemed alive with destiny. Focused on the very one with whom she was to share her vital story.

The Ethereal Girl bent down, touching the singed grass with her bare hands. She indicated to the advancing soul that she was ready to listen, ready to share, ready to know.

‘You have come to show the world the power of conviction, to teach of joy and abundance, loss and love and creative power and healing magic’

Ethereal Girl felt a shiver run up the fingers of her left hand, she was receiving. The Shiver passed along her back and shoulders and down into her right arm and hand. The energy rested there.

Her spine tingled. She felt cold despite the raging heat. She stood as the energy moved down her legs into her feet and into the earth. She felt, in that moment, both weary and wise.

The Messenger turned over on the ground and laid with her face up to the stars, the heat around them suddenly dropped. She slept. The Ethereal Girl sat on the nearby Wisdom Stone and watched the visitor gently breathing. They were not so different. In fact, they were very alike. Their meeting was predestined of that, she was sure.

It had taken courage to face the fire and hold true to the mission. She wondered how long she had waited.

As she, The Ethereal Girl, waited now.

All writing © Louise Hatch


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