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Welcome to: The Twiglet Zone! Enter if you dare!

Twiglet Zone Fun Facts: (truth)

Did you know that Sirius is the closest planetary system to Earth with highly evolved life?

They have evolved to the point that they have no laws, no politicians and no need for money.

Lao Tzu, the Chinese Philosopher knew that in a heart-based community, laws are unnecessary (see below for Lao Tzu wisdom).

The Beings from the Sirius planetary system are “heart-based” Beings, and where exchanges are necessary, they use barter to reach a happy conclusion, they simply take care of each other. They are also able to manifest things they need, hence no need for currency.

It is interesting to note that this “heart-based philosophy” is also where the Human Race is evolving to. It may be difficult to imagine how this could be, given the significant evidence of greed, division, fear, control, aggression and self-centred manipulation over others, but this energy has to play out in order for us to learn lessons and choose a better way.

Thus, the current negativity serves a purpose, but you will do yourself a big favour if you do not get allow yourself to get caught up in the drama, as you feed whatever energy you place your focus upon. Instead, focus on things that uplift your spirit, and your resulting positive energy will uplift others too. This ensures the negative energy does not get fed, and you become a positive energy “ripple-master”!

Anyway, back to our friends on Sirius!

Interplanetary travel and commerce is common to obtain materials not available locally. For instance, the gravity on their planet is about one sixth of that on Gaia Mother Earth. As a result their trees grow very high but are not dense enough to use as building materials as they have more of a spongy consistency, more like Balsa here on Earth. Fine for making toy gliders, but you wouldn’t want to enter a skyscraper constructed out of Balsa!

They are a vegetarian race, so no worries about them being here to eat us, (and yes they are here amongst us). Who knows, if you see strange looking Beings acting suspicious around your vegetable patch, it could be them!

The Beings of “Sirius A” are human in appearance, typically tall with blond or red hair. Sirius A is considered to be like a sixth dimensional version of Earth.

Q: Why are they amongst us?

A: They are here to assist in the ascension of the Human Race during the Earth shift.

They can appear in human form under the right circumstances, such as through Hybrids or “Walk-ins”. Hybrids are where specific ET based genetic coding is introduced into a human embryo to bring about a more evolved soul. “Walk-ins are different, and we will cover this off in more detail in the next couple of weeks, as I have an interview with a Walk-in coming up soon. They all look like regular people, and really they are, other than they are here to help awaken us Earthlings to the magnificent truth of who we really are!

Communication amongst these Beings is largely telepathic (no need for cell-phones), but they also use Gamma Rays (X-Rays) rather than Radio Waves. We on Earth evidence this in the inter-galactic static that we pick up, but we don’t have any ways of translating it as mankind limits itself scientifically to believe only that that we ourselves are capable of, or already know of.

Our ways, and spectrums available to us are very limited. We need to expand and open our minds to understand more, then more information will be fed to us from higher realms as we become ready and open to receive.

Often the more scientifically advanced we have become, the more we close our minds to completely different concepts. But the time is coming when this will change, particularly over the next couple of decades (watch this space!).

Communication on Sirius A, B & C is often done through tones, frequency modulation, similar to that already done on Earth through Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) as a close analogy. What the Sirius Beings use are more like chords with a variety of tones to create an overall tone, then with frequency shift.

Information can only be made available to mankind once we have evolved to the point where we will not seek to weaponize new knowledge. The knowledge sharing will happen for those who are ready to transcend to the fifth dimension, along with Gaia Mother Earth who is going there too!

This evolution is already occurring, but each individual will use free-will to decide on a sub-conscious level if they are ready to escape the density of the third dimension.

Will you be ready?

One final noteworthy point, is that within each of us exists pure immortal consciousness that continues on after death of the physical body, hence death is transcendence rather than the end. You can exist as pure consciousness without a physical body to hold you back.

Through your soul you have experienced a multitude of incarnations, some in a physical world, some as different forms of energy, but you carry the same consciousness you have now, just not constrained by the programming of life and physical vessel. We are all programmed to come into this world without our past memories as part of “The Earth School Test”. However, it is now important that we begin to remember how incredible we each are.

As our friends from Sirius would freely admit, the fact that they are from the sixth dimension rather than the third does not make them better than us, because when it comes down to it, we are all one. We are just experiencing different life aspects in order to learn and grow. You may have been from Sirius in a past incarnation yourself. You may have been plant life, a rock, a nature being, or an animal, maybe even a planet, water or air? In reality we have been many things in order to experience, to learn, and to grow.

Live life fearlessly, because there is nothing to fear, and doing so sets you free.

Truth or Deluded Nonsense? You Decide.. (give you a clue.. It’s all true! :-)

Lao Tzu’s Four Spiritual Rules of Living

  1. Reverence for all Life. The first cardinal rule states that we should respect all forms of life in creation, and not seek to dominate or control them.

  2. Natural Sincerity. This virtue manifests as honesty, simplicity, and authenticity. It basically states to stay true to who you really are, and not allow outside forces to sway you.

  3. Gentleness. In the world we live in today, we greatly need this virtue to be practiced more often. ...

  4. Supportiveness. This virtue implies that we need to support all life forms, including ourselves. ...


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