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Welcome to our Joyous Pandemic

For this “Easter Special”, we tap into the spiritual, continuing our “Pandemic of Higher Consciousness Series” care of Jole’

Welcome to our Joyous Pandemic

(For which there is known known cure). The Pandemic of Higher Consciousness is highly contagious!

Pandemic of Higher Consciousness: The symptoms to watch for:

The symptoms include excessive happiness, along with a sense of bliss, gratitude, love, fearlessness, liberation and a joyous uninhibited freedom of expression.

Watch out for a burning sensation:

Rather than self-isolating to contain the outbreak, you will feel a burning desire to spread this pandemic far and wide.

Facemask recommended:

A facemask is recommended to hide that big, stupid grin of serenity and contentment permanently attached to your face!

The source of the Pandemic:

Government Agencies have revealed that the source of the outbreak has been tracked to a series of Chakra based videos created by Elevated Planet..

A short guided meditation on the Throat Chakra

Continuing the LiCo Chakra Guided Meditation series, the Throat Chakra (or Vishuddha in Sanskrit), is the first energetic centre that differentiates man from all other life forms.

This human attribute gives us the power to express ourselves on every level of experience. To honour this gift fully, we are asked to consciously commit to expressing our truth, clearly and with integrity.

This Guided Meditation takes you on a visualized journey to heal and replenish your Throat Chakra.

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