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Twiglet Zone Interview with Miguel Mendonca, Part Five

This series Climax’s with… Part Five: The Final Cut..

Miguel talks about his music and how channelling can "allow" the ultimate creative expression.

We also include his magically atmospheric and ambient track "The Distant Memory of war" from his "Into Galactic" concept album.

Miguel also talks about the amazing work channelled through Fay Vale, Galactic Artist (Twiglet Zone interview with Fay to be released next week)

Click on “Into Galactic” for the video

Many "fantastical tales" have been introduced in our Twiglet Zone series, along with the offer for our audience to consider these stories as "truth, or deluded nonsense", while stating clearly that John sees these stories as "truth". It is understood that much of this subject matter may be too opposed to mainstream reality to be accepted by many.

Meanwhile, Miguel authored & co-authored several books, amongst which is "Meet the Hybrids", "We are the Disclosure" and "Being with the Beings". These go deep into the UFO & Extra Terrestrial field, very "Twiglet Zone Friendly" topics, providing exceptionally well researched and recorded validity to these subject matters.

The "Meet the Hybrids" book shares interviews with those who self identify as being part human, part ET, and they are here for a reason! These are all fascinating reads and come highly recommended.

Truth or Deluded Nonsense? You get to decide, but I would encourage you not to let your "ego-mind" railroad you into a typically defensive reaction.

Instead, "go deep" and see if this resonates at some higher consciousness level. However you respond, is right for you.

Our diversity exists to enrich the planet, therefore is honoured regardless of how you feel about this subject matter. Miguel writes music under the name of Sokamiru, and frequently collaborates with other like-minded, galactically inspired artists to create art with music via Miguel's Sokamiru YouTube channel.

Miguel's body of work can be found under his website, or his music specific work on


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