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"The Twiglet Zone" Enter if you Dare! Fantastical (but true) stories

It is another fantastical tale, (accompanied by a savoury snack!)

A new reality awaits those who manage to escape the distorted life conditioning and programming that has been designed to keep us small, and prevent us from understanding our true power.

Does time exist, or is it an illusion of our third dimensional existence?

What is our relationship to Extra Terrestrials?

Can we travel through time?

Can we defy gravity?

What really happens when we are asleep? (the great escape :-)

What is pre-life planning and what is its relationship to karma?

Why is the heartbeat of the planet speeding up, and what does it mean for us?

Is this all real, or "dream time" as the Aborigines believe?

Are you ready for the planetary shift to the fifth dimension through the gift of higher consciousness? (you have a choice).

Is this really the truth, or simply deluded nonsense? That is for you to decide.

Elevated Planet is simply here to “plant the seeds” on this amazing journey through life here in the physical realm.

So, I ask you just one thing: After listening to these seemingly “tall tales”, I do not ask you to “think” whether you believe them to be true, but if you “feel” them to be true. This is an important distinction.

The thinking mind is defensive, and it is where ego resides. It does not want you to make a fool of yourself by opening yourself up to alternate realities.

Quiet the mind

If, however, for a while, you are able to turn down the volume of “the noise of life”, then you will provide yourself an opportunity to “feel” a response instead.

Buddha said, “Quiet the mind and the Soul will speak”.

Your Soul is ageless and wise almost beyond the realms of mortal comprehension, it speaks to us through feelings that often reside in the gut, or through our heart-based consciousness.

While I believe my version of reality to be true, I completely respect that many will struggle to accept the points that I make. And this will lead many to the obvious question, “how could he possibly know these things?” “We need proof!” (demands the left hemisphere of the brain!)

In response I will tell you that my extensive studies have revealed two vital things when presenting these factual stories.

The first, vital thing I have learned is to always leave your audience wanting more.

I truly hope you enjoyed this episode of.. The Twiglet Zone!


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