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The Twiglet Zone brings you..

“The Chronicles of Fay, a Galactic Artist”

So we climax with the finale of our three part mini-series, though we also offer you the opportunity of watching the entire 56 minute interview for those who prefer to invite round all their family & friends to enjoy the video equivalent of a delicious three course meal, all rolled into one!

“Like a veritable cosmic vindaloo”, Rishi Sunak’s words, not mine!

By frog-marching your family and friends to view this seeming Twiglet Zone deluded nonsense, you may well find that it massively increases your social status within your community. In fact, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself running for Mayor, or some similar position of high office, (like President of the United States or Prime Minister of Great Britain for instance), simply by choosing to share this amazing video.

Warning: If you have no desire to run for public office, do not invite a large gathering round to watch this video, or The Twiglet Zone assumes no responsible for the outcome!

Click on the left hand image to access Part Three of “The Chronicles of Fay”

Click on the right hand image to see the full interview (note the above warning)

Fay Vale ( is an artist unlike any other. Her art is channelled from Beings that are not of this Earth through her non-dominant left hand.

The art is amazingly intricate, and beautiful. Fay has no artistic leanings in her past, yet she has become a vessel for these "messages through art" to reach us, providing a window into otherworldly influences, including deep wisdom through "Light-Language" and its interpretation.

Fay's story is a fascinating one, and while it will be likely to test the boundaries of your reality, I ask just one thing. Listen to her story and then decide for yourself.

Do you see it as "Truth or Deluded Nonsense?"

You get to decide, but I would encourage you not to let your "ego-mind" railroad you into a typically defensive reaction. Instead, "go deep" and see if this resonates at some higher consciousness level.

However you respond, is right for you. Our diversity exists to enrich the planet, therefore is honoured regardless of how you feel about this subject matter.

Personally, as with all Twiglet Zone content, I know this as truth.

Contact JohnDrew@Elevated Planet.Life with any questions..


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