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The Law of Cause & Effect:

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Every Action has a consequence!

The Law of Cause & Effect is also often referred to as Karma. Most will be familiar with Karma. It is the destiny we create for ourselves through our actions. “What goes around comes around”, “We reap what we sow”.

Every thought, word and deed is a cause that creates an effect. If we work, then we get paid. If we exercise, we become fit.

Karma is one of the bedrocks of Buddhist philosophy. Buddhism teaches that our fate is not arbitrary or imposed by supernatural forces, but rather, we create our own destiny.

Thirteenth Century Japanese Priest Nichiren Daishonin was the founder of Nichiren Buddhism. It is still widely practiced throughout the world today.

Of Karma, Nichiren said;

“if you want to understand the causes that existed in the past, look at the results as they are manifested in the present. And if you want to understand what results will be manifested, look at the causes that exist in the present.”

The Law of Cause & Effect is very much in harmony with The Law of Attraction and The Law of Correspondence.

To all intents and purposes, whatever happens in our life is a reflection of who we are and what we do. The Law of Attraction tells us “what is like unto itself is drawn”. Meanwhile The Law of Correspondence tells us that “our outer world is a reflection of our inner world” (as above, so below).

So, we should always be prepared to accept all the good things, and bad things that go on in our life with grace. Why? Because we did it to ourselves!

If we examine the outcomes of these three Universal Laws, if for example we are kind to others:

  • The Law of Attraction matches that high frequency emotional vibration for you, and you will manifest kindnesses from others in return (kindness begets kindness)

  • The Law of Correspondence reflects kindness back to you, and kindness fills your outer world, to match your inner world.

  • The Law of Cause & Effect tells us our kind actions have a consequence, and that consequence is kindness received as a karmic response.

Of course it doesn’t take much of an effort to substitute “kindness” for any other thought, word, action or deed, (positive or negative). This is why we need to take responsibility for all that happens in our life. These are guideposts to help get us where we prefer to be.

And here is another thing, no one gets away with any negative act, EVER!

In the world we live in, we see many injustices played out for us, mainly through the media, though in real life also. However, there are just as many positive heart-warming acts played out, even if they don’t get as much attention as negative acts.

Life may seem unfair at times, but it isn’t…

If you believe that the Law of Cause & Effect is real, you will appreciate that a karmic debt NEVER goes unpaid. As such, you don’t have to concern yourself about vengeance if (say) someone selfishly cuts you up in traffic. In fact, rather than getting angry at their aggressive driving behaviour, why not send them thoughts of love? And when karma comes knocking (as it must), you can hope that it isn’t too painful for them.

AND!! Your thoughts are important, so this exemplary response of yours is karmically repaid as you receive a big dollop of love in return! (I’m not sure if love comes in ‘dollops’, but I’m guessing it might?)

And you can expand this concept across mankind. So when you see those negative events playing out in the world, just remember, karmic debt NEVER goes unpaid! You just focus on being ‘the best you that you can be’. And as you do, just know that your life will be naturally uplifted because it is law, Universal Law!

Now, of course this is an over simplification. To go into the real nitty gritty would require a complete book, rather than this short article. But let me explain the bare bones of the complexity.

Karmic debt NEVER goes unpaid, but it can (and does) move across different lifetimes (say what!?!?).

Keep reading to continue this particular journey down the rabbit hole (it’s worth the effort! :-)

Welcome down the rabbit hole! Now we are alone I can speak freely!

With very few exceptions, we have been on this planet in a variety of lives across the ages. Every role into which we have incarnated has a purpose, and it is all about learning and growing. However, along the way we inevitably incur karmic debt. Sometimes that karma is repaid during that specific lifetime, and sometimes it isn’t. So what happens when it isn't?

At the end of each life you undertake your 'life review' while back in the dimension of spirit. You get to see (and feel) the situations where you did well, and the things you felt you would have like to have handled better. The impact you had on people plays a big part of the life review.

So this next bit may be best explained through a working example

If we go to an extreme, let us say that I murdered someone in a life that has now ended for me too. I’m back in the domain of spirit. In my life review, I get to witness (and feel emotionally) what I put my murder victim through. No one stands in judgement of that act, other than me. I also get to meet the spirit of the person whose life I ended.

After a suitable adjustment period (reincarnation is not typically immediate), together we plan our next lives. This is where I am given the opportunity to repay the karmic debt I have incurred. This will release the burden of karma for me, allowing me to move forwards.

So, how would that play out once we are incarnated in our future lifetime?

Well, it could be a variety of ways. An obvious solution is for my previous victim, to murder me in return. And that might be the answer. However, there are a multitude of ways karmic debt can be repaid, it isn’t always as simple as “an eye for an eye”.

Hypnotic Regression Therapy revealed one such instance. The particular subject of the regression therapy had been particularly cruel to a man to whom she had been engaged. She had carried on (seemingly) deliberately, emotionally torturing this poor man for years. Her friends witnessed the cruelty and could never understand its cause, or how (or why) he put up with it all?

All was explained when the regression therapy took her back to a past life. That life was ended abruptly when she was beheaded by her ‘fiancée to be’ in this lifetime! The karmic debt was being repaid in a way that was very different to the original act that created it!

Sometimes a murder victim might play the role of an abusive parent, or a cruel sibling in that next incarnation in order to rebalance karma. Either way it is an agreement between the murderer and the murdered.

So, coming back to my personal ‘murder karma rebalancing scenario’, the irony is this. Whatever is played out to allow my karma to be repaid, it will appear cruel, because we don’t have ‘the back story’! In reality, I get murdered but we are simply playing out our roles to release me from my karmic debt!

This also tells us that we should be slow to judge the actions of others!

The challenge we face is that ‘the veil of forgetfulness’ descends upon birth. As such, we forget that we planned our life. AND we get programmed and conditioned by our life experiences, and this can throw us out of alignment relative to our pre-birth intentions.

Plus we have free will, so while we will instinctively be drawn to play out the roles we planned, it might not work out.

As a result, if the karmic rebalance doesn’t happen, the debt remains to carry over to yet another lifetime.

This truly is The Wheel of Karma!

This also begs questions of our justice system. Let us assume that I happily get murdered and my karmic debt is now repaid! (YAY!)..

However, let us assume that my new friend who ‘delivered on his promise’ to repay my karmic debt, is now on trial for murder. The Counsel for the Defence stands up and explains everything to the Judge & Jury. He sagely advises that a hypnotic regression has revealed this was done at the request of the murdered man. Furthermore, this was arranged in the 'pre-birth-planning room on the other side of the veil' in order to rebalance past life karma!

The Judge takes one look at the Head Juror who has the full agreement of the Jury.

Scenario one: “Case dismissed” announces the Judge, while warmly congratulating the defendant for his selfless diligence in helping rebalance karma.

Scenario two: The defence lawyer is taken forthwith to a secure establishment to help them recover from a delusional episode. Meanwhile, a new 'sane' Counsel for the Defence is identified for the retrial.

Now you may think differently, but I believe that ‘Scenario Two’ is more likely to play out than ‘Scenario One’? The Law of the Land takes precedence over The Law of Cause & Effect.

Of course we are just having a bit of fun with this, but it is an interesting thought. IF you believe in The Law of Cause & Effect, we have to accept that this must happen (and it does).

There are numerous examples in the work of Hypnotic Regression Therapist's. And those specialising in 'Pre-Life Planning exploration' (yes they do exist) where 'jail time' was the outcome of a karmic debt being repaid.

And I'm not suggesting that it should be any other way, and it would be an expected outcome within the plan rather than one to be avoided.

The Soul's Gift by Robert Schwartz really tells it as it is. It may be 'a little much' for anyone who is not ready for it, but if you feel drawn to it, it is a recommended read.

But wouldn't it be interesting if every defendant had the right to Hypnotic Regression Therapy to see if there was a karmic debt repayment to be taken into account?

In which case maybe 'Scenario One' might become reality!

Food for thought.. It may be an idea to suggest this to your Member of Parliament (or Member of Congress) as a potential change to the law? (I could just picture how that discussion would go.. "So wait.. you want me to do what!?!?")

So what is next down the rabbit hole? Karma is being accelerated! (that's what is next down the rabbit hole!)..

As we work our way through the coming Earth changes, karma rebalancing is accelerating. I understand this is because once we get to the fifth dimensional New Earth, it is likely karma (as we know it) will be unnecessary. By then, we have rid ourselves of the darker emotional frequencies, therefore it will be a happier place to be with far fewer needs to rebalance.

It was interesting, when reading the multitude of books by Dolores Cannon, 'Quantum Healing Hypnotic Therapist extraordinaire', to see how this point was repeated by the subconscious of a variety of clients during their sessions. This was particularly evident in her later books.

Karma is accelerating now to allow us the opportunity to rebalance, and to learn and grow, prior to the 3D/5D Earth split.

Of course this begs the obvious question, "so when does the so called Earth-split happen?" And I have an unequivocal answer to share with you that you can 'take to the bank'. And that answer is, I don't know!

However, Sheila Seppi (author of 'Walk-ins, The Cosmology of the Soul') made some very interesting points around this timing of The New Earth during our interview last year. For the curious I would urge you to take a look at the interview (linked here).. & on the book

There are a lot of things to play out in the years to come. There will be a light shone on the darker deeds that have gone on on the planet for thousands of years. There will be far fewer hiding places, and I strongly suspect those darker elements won't go down without a fight. They will be very reluctant to give up the power they have wielded over us for so long. And because we have been brought up in a 'life framework' that has normalized the stark power, control and financial imbalances on our planet, we can be forgiven for not seeing the problem!

I suspect these darker controlling elements will look to crank up the fear and the division energy on the planet. This keeps us small, and under their control. This is one very good reason it is worth exploring the work of Dr Steven Greer, and if it resonates, join with us in our Nos Populi (we the People) collective. And to be clear, this is not about fighting the old, our focus is on giving the wider population the opportunity to understand the past, so they can choose whether to join us in 'building the new'.

The time is upon us for consciousness to rebirth on the planet, but a 'war for consciousness' has to first play out as has been foretold for thousands of years.

As we will appreciate over time, humanity has been enslaved, limited to around 20% of our potential by this imposed 'life framework'. But as that framework crumbles, we are liberated from these limitations and get to step fearlessly back into our power.

So, as we know, The Law of Cause & Effect says every action has a consequence, (even across lifetimes). The same holds true for those that have misused their power for the benefit of the few, at the expense of the many. No one gets away with anything EVER. Universal Law decrees it and will ensure everything comes into balance ahead of the Earth changes.

So we can just focus on the good stuff we can create in our future!

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit". - Nelson Henderson

If it appeals, send an email to JohnDrew@ElevatedPlanet.Life and please join us.

If it all sounds like deluded nonsense, please just enjoy this content as either entertaining fiction, or the delusional ravings of a lunatic! (your choice :-)


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