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The Great Awakening: What’s it all about?

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

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Great question. Well, the fundamental premise that you need to get your head around, is that we are immortal spirits having a human experience. We are not our human body, that is just the vehicle that transports us through this particular life-experience.

To believe that we are just a human body, is like driving a car, and believing we are the car! “Hi, I’m Ford Fiesta 1.3!”

That is not to dishonour the body, it in itself comprises of 50 trillion cells of miracles. We should take care of it for the journey as we can’t trade it in for a new one. We are effectively a team, our 50 trillion cells combined with our immortal electro-magnetic life-force energy. We undertake this journey together, so let’s be good to each other.

And the “team” doesn’t end there. The source of all our life-force energy cannot be contained in a human body, it would be overloaded and die instantly. So we have a neat mechanism to help us overcome this. We have our “higher-self”! This is a source of enormous wisdom that sits outside our physical body. It is also part of us, and can be accessed through the gift of “asking”. Our intuition resides there.

And there is more! We have teams of guides, masters and angelic beings at our disposal too. They all understand the intentions we had for this lifetime, all carefully planned before we incarnated. They are here to help us find the path we wanted to follow, to learn our intended life-lessons here at ‘Earth-School!’

How do we access our team? Meditation is a wonderful way. Also, understanding our Soul Architecture really helps. This is where Jole’ comes in strong! She helps us understand and connect with that part of us that goes beyond our physicality, yet is still an important part of who we are. And while we may call this stuff ‘New Age’, it is far from it, it is ancient wisdom.

However, there is a real issue around this that we have to overcome, which brings us back to the ‘awakening’ thing. When we incarnate into this physical realm, the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ drops down (its part of the deal). So we now no longer realize we are immortal spirits at our very essence. This means we are open to the programming and conditioned of our life experiences. These life experiences have created our current version of reality.

To ‘awaken’ is to come to the realization of a magnificent truth, that we are each an immortal piece of a cosmic jigsaw puzzle. Also, we are here on purpose, and each of us has a unique role to play on the planet at this time.

Buried within each of us we have a ‘Christ-Consciousness’, just waiting to be activated. Everything comes back to love, and the first step of that process is unconditional love of self. You can’t truly love others unless you first embrace your inner divinity.

Everyone is worthy of love, regardless of the role we play in this lifetime. We are each part of each other, so to hate another is to hate yourself. We all came from the same source energy, and it is to that we will return. And it isn’t just people, it’s everything, because we are all expressions of the same consciousness, whether a dog, cat, tree, rock, water etc.

The same is true of our galactic cousins, ET’s as we tend to call them. They are us, and we are them. We will likely have been versions of ET’s in our past incarnations too! There are many of them around us right now because Gaia Mother Earth is going through an ascension process. She is becoming ‘The New Earth’, and she, and we need help, that’s why they are here. She is making a dimensional shift, and to join her we have to raise our frequency too.

It’s crazy (but true) to think, that the human body was created by ET Creator Beings, to house the life-force energy that is us! We are all part of an experiment, a Grand Organized Design on a planet where ‘free-will’ has been granted. Also there is a ‘non-interference pact’ that precludes other species from direct intervention. If that wasn’t the case they could just tap us on the proverbial shoulder and tell us to wake up.

But we have to (by and large) do it for ourselves. It is less about learning who we are, as much as it is remembering what we have known all along. The question for you is, does this resonate with you or sound like deluded nonsense? This will be too much for many, and that is completely understandable.

Your ‘ego-mind’ will try to keep you safe by sticking to what you have come to believe as reality. At a deeper level though, something may stir that tells you there could be more to this?

Meanwhile, the physical body will reach the end of its useful existence at some point. That is when the life-force energy that is the real you will return home to the realm of spirit. It is fair to say that when it happens, you will be ‘dead-happy!’

Death is not to be feared, it simply represents a transcendence to a level of pure unconditional love that goes beyond mortal comprehension. While it isn't the way we are conditioned to believe, there is no need to feel sorry for someone who passes over to the other side, they are in an amazing place! Grieving is a natural process, but it can be softened in the ‘knowing’ they are truly in a better place. And we really will see them again when it is our turn to return home.

Of course, those with Mediumistic skills can act as a bridge between the physical and the realm of spirit. As such, if you want to reach out to your departed loved ones, you can. And it is not ‘supernatural,’ it is in fact a very natural process. We each have unique abilities, and for Mediums, it is part of their natural gift to be that bridge.

How does it work?

Well, it is all about energy and vibrational frequency. Life in the physical realm is at a much lower vibrational frequency than the spirit realm. To communicate, the Medium is able to raise their vibrational frequency, while our loved ones in spirit lower theirs, and the bridge is formed.

The Medium has to interpret what they are shown. The messages don’t come through in the way that we use speech here in the physical. But a talented Medium will be able to interpret pretty accurately for the most part.

You are also part of that interpretation process. The messages are designed to resonate with you rather than the Medium. Your mind has to be open to what your loved one is sharing with you through this ‘communication bridge’.

These exchanges can be life-changing. I know this to be true, because my first ever Mediumistic reading changed my life forever. For me, it was a real blessing, but I appreciate this isn’t for everyone. If you are curious though, I would encourage you give it a go.

In Conclusion.. The Great Awakening is to see the truth of who we are.

To do so, we overcome our past conditioning and programming that has been designed to keep us small. Then we move beyond the veil of forgetfulness and into alignment of our soul purpose here on the planet. We step into love, and fearlessness, because there really is nothing to fear. In doing so we take back our power from those who would otherwise control us.

“The secret of change is to put all your energies not into fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates..

So we build the new… Care to join us?

John Drew

For anyone interested in joining our first Elevated Planet Masterclass on Deliberate Creation, contact JohnDrew@ElevatedPlanet.Life and we will make the magic happen, for all of us..


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