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The Great Awakening & The New Earth

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

So, since we keep going on about the impending planetary split between the old 3D & the 5D New Earth (aka The Great Reset), it is important to ask the question, where do we each find ourselves right now?

You could think of 'The Emotional Spiral’ as the all new must-have game for Christmas 2022! The ultimate version of Snakes & Ladders! The aim of the game is to get as close to the top of the spiral as you can, then you truly are the winner! (as are those around you who benefit from being around your joyous high frequency energy!)

I think most of us circle a fair number of points of the spiral on any given day, and that is what it is to be going through the human experience. The question is, if you average out your position across all those circles, where do you find yourself?

The ability to ascend the emotional spiral is not difficult (no throw of a dice is required). More than anything it takes awareness of self, and the true reality that surrounds us, then we can climb like a crazed mountain goat! (though if you find yourself already teetering on the apex of the upward spiral, stuck in unconditional love and 100% integrity, then much like our goat friend, you have a real problem! There is only one direction you can go!)

But there is a serious point to this, which is that much of the life programming we are subjected to, is intended to suck us down into the descending spiral. We are much easier to control and feed off when we are stuck in that part of the spiral, yet we are impossible to control when we are in the ascending spiral, because we are back in our power! We have reclaimed our Sword of Sovereignty! (that's right!! you heard me!! :-) Much like King Arthur claiming Excalibur from the stone, your sword of sovereignty lies within you awaiting you to claim it.

There are many ways to boost us up higher on the spiral, but first we have to accept that we have been adversely manipulated for years. From there we have complete choice about our direction going forward. The Twiglet Zone series with Aoibhinn Murray, and with Sheila Seppi both allude to this. Awareness is key to personal growth.

The reason it is important to take stock of the misaligned programming and conditioning right now, is that things are set to worsen over the next two years, particularly for those who are unable to identify the dark agenda behind what you will see unfolding.

Click on the 3D-5D Earth pic above to go to a short Dolores Cannon interview where she explains how to move forwards, also how holding onto fear is such a destructive pattern. As Dolores explains, fear is often created through the media, the government, religion and many darker forces, and it is is designed to control and suppress us all, but it really doesn’t have to.

And as the manipulation of the masses becomes common knowledge over these next months and years, we do not meet this with anger and the need for revenge, because as our Emotional Spiral shows you, that takes us down not up! This is why our mantra is "the secret of change is to focus all your energy, not into fighting the old, but on building the new". That Socrates based wisdom is firmly rooted in the ascending spiral with touch points all the way to the top!

As our good friend & Human Futurist Chris Styles of 365 Pin Code tells us, we are currently in a nine-year dark cycle that began in 2017 and ends in 2025, with "ultra-dark cycle" 2020-25. The new beginning is 2026.

What the next years holds remains a mystery at this point. It might be deeper, darker war & division energy at play, or fresh pandemics unleashed on the population. Deeper economic strife and food shortages, or more orchestrated governmental disarray. Mass water pollution, or the scientific world unleashing unforeseen consequences on civilisation. Maybe it is Mother Nature beginning the rebalancing of the universal law of cause and effect through earthquakes, extreme weather patterns and/or volcanic activity?

By 2025 we will understand so much more, so hang on in there! By choosing to play the game to ascend The Emotional Spiral you will be making life so much easier for yourself as events unfold, and by shining your light in the world you will have a positive ripple effect on everyone around you! Despite whatever the turbulent years ahead hold, just be mindful that it is taking us to a much better place. As Lao Tzu said, "new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings".


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