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So, why is this series of articles called “Dead-Happy”?

People say that it’s the one of the great mysteries in life, what happens when we die? Do we only get to find out once the curtain on this life finally closes? Many people believe we came from nothing and go back to nothing. I had a discussion with friends on this topic. One close friend has that specific view but retained a partially open mind to being wrong.

However, he struggled with the fact that I was 100% adamant that not only was there life after death, but I also know how much of it works!

“But you can’t possibly know”, was his understandable response.

I know it sounds arrogant (or deluded) to claim 100% certainty in a topic that I seemingly cannot “prove”, but the reality is that I really do know how it works. Now, I acknowledge that it’s feasible I could get certain details wrong. It’s not like I’ve ever had an NDE (near death experience) after all. Furthermore, if it is proof that you need, what proof do you have that you come from nothing and you go back to nothing?

And when you stop and think about it, I would say that my version of reality is far more credible, and that I can indeed provide proof beyond all reasonable doubt, though I do realize that there is never enough evidence to satisfy a committed sceptic. And that is not to judge against anyone, we are all entitled to follow our own beliefs (and I say this as someone who was one of those sceptic’s just a few short years ago!)

Since I had my epiphany in 2018, that forced me to realize I had got it wrong, I have studied long and hard on many fantastical subjects relating to who and what we are along with our place in the universe (see “The Twiglet Zone” videos by subscribing to Elevated Planet on YouTube).

One thing I discovered was, there were certain elements that I knew I wasn’t so much “learning”, rather I was “remembering” something I had known subconsciously all along. The studies were just reopening the gateway to knowledge that could not be released until I had taken the trouble to rekindle it. In these cases I had 100% certainty that “it was so”, and the death process is just one of those things.

And the nice thing is that my conviction on this subject makes life a lot easier. When I hear about deaths happening, I feel deeply for those left behind as they suffer grief, but for the departed soul I feel joy that they have transcended beyond the physical, they have “gone home” to somewhere incredible. The kind of place that would make you question as to why you chose to enter the density of a physical life in the first place, on this incredible school that is Planet Earth!

So for instance, if a famous much-loved musician passes away, my friends may well be bathed in remorse for the fact that he/she has died. I on the other hand (mostly silently) give thanks for the gift they offered to the world by tapping into their God-given creative talent, bringing joy to many, and now they’ve gone back home to a place so magnificent that it is difficult to comprehend with our mortal limitations while we are still on this side of the veil.

“Congratulations on a life well lived” is the feeling that I enjoy. No remorse. They’ve simply completed their journey, regardless of whether they’ve gone early, or after what we might call “a full term”.

And I honor the fact that those left behind suffer grief, and I am no different. When a loved one (inevitably) passes over to the other side, I will feel devastated by the loss of someone I truly cared for in this physical incarnation. However, my certain knowledge that their spirit is released and free of the limitations of their mortal vessel, is something that brings me comfort.

My grief in a manner of speaking is more about me than it is about them. They are in a fantastic place, and I’ll get there too when it is my turn. But I know I will miss them so in essence I want to hang on to them, even though they are quite literally in a better place having completed their adventure here on the physical plain.

Another source of comfort is that they are never far away. My Mum who passed away in 1981 knows everything about my life, I’m sure her loving energy has helped me live a blessed existence, and she still retains her sense of humor too!

And she is far from alone. I have a metaphysical family on the other side, cheering me on. My ex-Father-in-Law (John) who passed away in 2016 is now one of my Spirit-Guides and I love that thought. He was a wonderful person in life, and I’m honored he is still an active part of my life now.

When I am confronted by a question to which there is no clear direction, I can simply ask John, along with others on “the other side” for help. I have a Red Jasper pendulum, and having meditated on the question, I decide which direction of movement relates to which possible path that lay ahead of me.

It could be a big clockwise circle for one answer, or anticlockwise for another. Or left to right, or for and against. Or if the question cannot be answered (as sometimes happens) the pendulum will stand still. I simply hold my hand very still, and wait for the direction to come through. It is always very clear, even if the outcome is “no answer”. Anyway, I know they love to help me when they can, and I see the proof on a regular basis.

So, why is this series called “Dead-Happy”? Well now you know. When we die, we are released from the constraints of our mortal vessel, and it is a truly amazing experience filled with unconditional love. There is no pain, pain is left with the mortal vessel.

While life is to be cherished and held dear, death is not to be feared. If you share my reality, then as you hear about the latest grisly details on the news about death in its many and varied forms (we humans are very creative), it may help you not get stuck in fear, anger or remorse. And if it not your burden to carry, then why would you? I can guarantee that however dramatic the death was, the victims are “Dead-Happy”!

I will continue to provide more details about what the death experience is like in the near future, and there is so much more to know.

Meanwhile, this is an amazing place to experience a physical incarnation, and it gets an awful lot easier when you begin to understand who we really are, and our place in this incredible Universe (and beyond).

It is time to Elevate our Planet

& to play us out… celebrating life (& death)

Dead-Happy, Monty Python style!


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