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Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, The Part Two Sequel.. Psychic Attacks & Universal Laws broken!

Our recent 'Derek Savory in conversation with Elevated Planet's "The Twiglet Zone", Part 2', required additional focus. What happens when you break Universal Law? How did Derek get hurt from his encounters in Rendlesham Forest?

Derek knows the answer to that question and explains all, it can be a painful lesson! What is Universal Law? (Derek didn't know at the time either) Find the answers within!

The Twiglet Zone investigates the Rendlesham Forest incident, known as Britain's Roswell. The event was witnessed by many, and despite the cover up attempt, it was clearly an encounter with extra-terrestrial life forms who were showing specific interest in the nuclear weapons being held on the local airbases at that time.

Derek Savory was an in-person experiencer of the 1980 incident, but there is much more to know and understand about both Derek & Rendlesham Forest. What is the reason the area attracts so much interest, not just from these other-worldly beings, but also from other creatures too, and what about those miraculous healing powers?

Derek is here to illuminate the way for us on this journey of discovery. This eye opening series gets to the truth, but be prepared to have the boundaries of your reality tested.

This is The Twiglet Zone after all!


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