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Mothers Day Special! Crop Circles, what is that all about?

(& what does that have to do with Mothers Day anyway?)

It’s Mothers Day (in America at least), and yes, I know Americans get the dates wrong on a lot of these things, but please bear with me, and let’s pretend for a moment that it is Mothers Day everywhere.

We all have those special fond memories about our mums (“moms” to our American friends).. I recall those times I’d sneak into her room at night saying “mummy, can I sleep with you because I’m scared!”. She would typically respond by reaching out lovingly saying, “I’m sorry my darling little Johnny. But I don’t want the monster following you into my bedroom and keeping me awake all night!” Yes mums are indeed very special and worth celebrating!

So, who is the ultimate Mother to whom we should be offering our most profound gratitude today?

Yes, well I hear you, Mother Theresa was pretty special, but not the one I had in mind, try again. Yes that’s right, Gaia Mother Earth, our living breathing planetary home!

And what has that got to do with Crop Circles?

OK, here we go.. Let us start by asking the questions how are they created, and what do they mean?

So we’ve all heard that crop circles are created by a bunch of mischievous rapscallions, armed with stilts so that they can get deep into the field in the dead of night without leaving a trail. They then put on their trampling shoes and off they go creating their crazy patterns, and hey presto!!

But seriously, who believes that!? You do? Really?

Well, in fairness I’m sure there are those who have done exactly that, in a bid to demonstrate how the rest of them have been done too! They want to burst the bubble of those who claim something far more fantastical.

As always with these things, I’ll share with you “my truth”, and then I’m going to show you a video, and I want you to make up your own mind. Is this truth, or deluded nonsense?

The truth behind the real (none-hoax) crop circles is that they are messages through symbols that come from a higher dimension, often care of our Extra-Terrestrial cousins who have (metaphorically speaking) very special galactic trampling boots. What they leave behind are very important messages for humanity.

OK? But if so, what do these symbols even mean?

Well, I will get to that, but to bring this all into focus, as you know, we are going through a huge change on the planet, and Gaia Mother Earth is upshifting from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. This is evidenced to some degree by the upshift to the Schumann Resonance (the heartbeat of the planet to which we all entrain).

To move up with the planet we have to upshift our frequencies so that we can accommodate a higher frequency existence. This means we have to get out of the density and negativity that we have worked so hard to create over so many decades, and move into the higher frequencies of love, fearless freedom of expression, liberation, karaoke, laughter, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, non-judgement (amongst other things), whilst finding that sense of oneness with the universe!

But why do we have to give up all the stuff we are good at, like war, fear, stress, violence, anger, greed, judgement, control, prejudice etc.?

Well, in truth, you don’t have to give it up at all! If that is your comfort zone then the third dimension is the right place for you and there is nothing at all wrong with that, but everybody needs to realize we do have a choice. Take a look at the two lists, and decide which one you prefer.

It is also your responsibility alone to enact the path you choose, no one else does it for you. You are your own master. If you find you are looking outside of yourself for answers (as we have been programmed to do), then realize that you are far more powerful than many would like you to believe. You are powerful individually, and we are even more powerful collectively, that is why we are building our Global Elevated Planet Community!

But getting back to the meaning of those symbols. There will be those bright sparks amongst us who may be able to decipher these on a conscious level, but I am not one of them. However, that does not matter, because simply by looking at these symbols we are receiving a download at a subconscious level, the part of you that exists at a higher consciousness level. And when the time is right and the moment is called for, you will understand something that you will believe you have never been taught. It will come to you in an instant, and that is your subconscious mind sending you the deciphered message when the time is right.

If we want to follow Gaia Mother Earth to the fifth dimension, it is my belief that these symbols will form part of what we need to know, or at the very least, will be helpful to know.

So is this truth or deluded nonsense?

Ok well, care of the music of Sokamiru ( with photography by Philippe Ullens (, please feast your eyes on the following video. And once you are done, decide how you feel about the answer to that question.

Did you imagine an army of stilted human tramplers doing this, or maybe something that does not necessarily fit with our mainstream reality? You decide while receiving your subconscious download.


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