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Life experience & how to refine it

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Imagine if we were taught this in school, how different our lives would have been?

Tapping into, and expanding upon the wisdom & life experience of Trevor G Blake (thank you Trev!), and Albert Einstein..

The following piece is succinctly put, and well worth sharing. It will appeal to left-brainers, and right brainers alike. In fact, if you have a brain, you will like it, (it’s a no-brainer!).

Many of you will already have “got the joke”. We are responsible for our life experiences, good and bad. No one else can take the credit! (however much we may want them to).

“We are all living the life of our dreams! it is just a question of whether we have chosen a good dream, or a bad dream.” - Anonymous

Whatever your “dream selection” so far, if you wish to to change your life experience to something better, it is incredibly simple. And YOU are in control of you!

With deepest gratitude, take it away Trev!

Decades ago, I had a job I really didn’t enjoy. I couldn’t afford a car, so I cycled to work, usually in lashing down rain. I kept a change of clothes in the locker room. As I imagined the day ahead — the infighting, the power struggles — that walk from the changing rooms to my workstation felt like a trudge through a swamp. I remember it as a really miserable feeling. And every day turned out as frustrating as the previous. Back then, I didn’t understand that contemplating the misery of it created repetitive misery. One day I read an article on Einstein where he was quoted discussing thoughts and their characteristics, and a light switched on in my brain. I changed my thinking. And then, everything changed… quickly. Yes, just like that. So how did this happen? The brain contains over 100 billion neurons and it’s their electrical oscillation that produces thoughts. The average person is said to have 70,000 thoughts a day. Yet, still today, no scientist or philosopher can agree on exactly what a thought is. Oh, wait… Actually, Einstein gave the answer almost a century ago when he said a thought is the same as everything else in the universe — it is energy. Everyone called him mad back then… but now, in the past 3 decades, ‘string theory’ has captured the imagination of physicists. They consider it the greatest step forward in science since quantum mechanics was laid down. It’s what Einstein described first as ‘like reading the mind of God.’ String theory holds that everything in the universe is composed of tiny vibrating strings of energy. In this view, every particle in your body, every speck of matter that lets you hear these words, and every force of gravity is just a variant of this one fundamental entity. The denser something is, the lower its vibrating energy. The higher the vibration, the more powerful the energy. A thought is one of the least dense things in our experience and therefore, according to Einstein, vibrates at a high frequency — which means thoughts are amazingly powerful… They’re possibly the most powerful form of energy in our world. Of course, energy abides by certain laws of physics. One (scary) such law is that energy can never be destroyed, nor does its energy diminish over time. This means that just because you’ve forgotten having a thought doesn’t mean it no longer exists. A second law is that energy and matter are equivalents and interchangeable. So all those negative thoughts I had about work years ago? They simply became their material equivalent… every day. As I was trudging along that corridor at work imagining the battles ahead, I ended up getting exactly more of the same miserable experiences day after day. When we think about what we don’t want or what we don’t have, we end up getting more of what we don’t want and less of what we don’t have because thoughts are energy and energy can only convert into its material equivalent. It’s science and fact. At the same time, it’s not our fault because no one ever taught us this. Imagine if we were all taught this in school. How different would our lives have been? All you have to do is keep reminding yourself to stop thinking about what you don’t want and, instead, create thoughts about what you do want. This is what I call the ‘for’ process. And it really is that simple... But like everything else in life, it’s not easy because it takes practice before that way of thinking becomes a habit. After learning this, I deliberately imagined better experiences as I walked from the locker room to the workstation. And before long, my experience of the work environment changed around me without me having to do anything else but imagine good things happening. So, let’s pretend it’s Monday morning and you’re contemplating the day and week ahead. Perhaps it goes something like this: Oh, God... I have a day of dumb meetings to attend, and then I have to give a pointless presentation to my stupid boss who I know doesn’t like me. I really hate presenting in front of people. Along with those thoughts you produce images of feeling inferior in front of your boss and making a fool of yourself when you present. All this happens in a nanosecond in your brain. I admit it’s hard to stop having those thoughts… but the good news is, you don’t have to try. What you can do is carefully control how you respond to those thoughts. Although you can’t delete them, you can have better thoughts to counter them. So, after those thoughts shoot out, deliberately role play in your brain. • Imagine having a great day. • Imagine your boss smiling at you and congratulating you on a brilliant presentation. • Imagine the attendees all giving you a standing ovation. You can do this while you travel to work today. I guarantee if you imagine a bad day, you’ll experience a bad day... and if you deliberately imagine a good day, you’ll have a great day. Try it today and enjoy the difference. As Einstein said, ‘Imagination is a preview of your life’s coming attractions.’ Cheers, Trevor

Thank you Trev, it is great to hear this from someone who has experienced the contrast between the struggle of living the bad dream, before switching to the good! Trev knows the power of this and is on the leading edge of sharing this message with the world.

We are all deliberate creators, but because we were never encouraged to realize this fact, we create unconsciously. Many aspects of life around us are designed to create fear and division in an attempt to keep us small. As we now know, the more we dread and fear aspects of life, the more we draw them towards us!

But once we realize we are deliberate creators, backed up by the universal power that creates worlds, the self-imposed shackles are released and we are liberated! We can set about creating a high frequency life experience, without fear, lack or worry to drag us down.

After years of programming to the contrary, it takes practice to switch mindsets, but that is all it takes! Albert Einstein understood, but you don't need to be a genius to adopt this and build a better world for yourself.

For anyone interested in joining our first Elevated Planet Masterclass on Deliberate Creation, contact JohnDrew@ElevatedPlanet.Life and we will make the magic happen, for all of us..


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