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Jesus Christ's message to humanity for The Great Awakening

Whether Jesus, or any of the other Great Masters that have strode this earthly plane, they all came here for a reason, as 'way-showers' for humanity.

They embodied love, compassion and a sense of oneness with all of creation. To follow their teachings brings inner-peace to each of us, and planetary harmony to Gaia Mother Earth.

Jesus's message to humanity has never been more needed at this time of 'The Great Awakening' of mankind. It is a message of profound love, and it is a call to action. For those who are ready, it is time to elevate our collective consciousness towards the light by accessing our Christ Consciousness within, but we each have a choice.

The light and the dark are about to be amplified further in 2023, and at some point, you get to choose your path. There is no right or wrong answer, your decision reflects your personal journey.

This is an audio extract from "The Soul's Gift" by Robert Schwartz, channelling of Jesus by Pamela Kribbe, narrated by Scott Smith.

This reached me very deeply when I first heard this back in 2018. I truly believe that Pamela channels Jesus, and the message is of enormous importance. The question is, how does it speak to you?

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John Drew, co-founder of Elevated Planet


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