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Fay Vale, Galactic Artist to the (& from the) Stars!

As you may know from our past interview, Fay creates her art using her left hand (she is naturally right handed).

Using her left hand allows “otherworldly consciousness” a clear channel to communicate through art, along with messages and sometimes “Light-Language” that provides meaning to the images.

Click on the pic to go to a video that talks to a process described as “absolutely wild” by author & composer Miguel Mendonca as he witnesses this first hand

In support of this week’s offering from Fay and her galactic chums, come the following words of inspiration:

"The mists of Avalon are once again veiling the land with mystery as they set the curious mind racing with intrigue. It is funny how your imagination spurs into action when intrigue steps in. Many adventures in life begin with this desire to pursue its call, We don’t know what it is , but it can certainly set us on fire to follow its magnetic pull.

Many ladies in the past have lured lovers in as they practice this power. Many lands have revealed new and exciting ventures to follow with their intriguing landscapes that captivate our imagination to explore.

So let us look at imagination too as this is our pen, our picture maker and our creator of story. It is almost impossible to create without this amazing gift, but what is it really? It is a mystery in itself. So many things we use if life are often overlooked because they are part of us. We never realise how amazing we are as we go into each day and use these precious skills. And have no doubt they are skills because all our lives they beckon us forward into our next adventure. But as with any skill, we have to learn how to use them properly to get the results we desire. We often get carried away as they are so very powerful, but as we learn our limitations, we seem to be able to step away a little.

It’s not a crime to let your imagination run away with you as it often gives you an insight into what could be. So many books, films and ideas come from these special and unique gifts of intrigue and adventure that our minds create, and each day is a blank canvas.

So allow your gifts to take you on an adventure as you pursue your journey of imagination and intrigue. One that creates your dream."

Love Fay xxx


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