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“Faith is taking the first step when you don’t see the whole staircase”

Martin Luther King..

This came to mind when I recently found myself grappling with self-doubt. This quote inspires me whenever I reach a mental impasse, and it helps give me courage to move forwards. (Thank you MLK!) It reinvigorates my vision for the future along with my sense of purpose and adventure.

To enact my future plans requires a leap of faith well outside my comfort zone, and necessitates a willingness to be vulnerable, but maybe this is the reason I’m here? Self doubt is a very human trait, but as Shakespeare said, “your doubts are your traitors”, while this also suggests that “our faith, trust and knowing are our saviours”.

One thing that encourages me forward is that my vision for the future “really lights me up”. That tells me that it is the right thing to do. The vision is all about Elevated Planet and how we can be a beacon of positivity and joy during the years ahead. We can help educate, elevate and co-create a harmonious future for our worldwide community. We do this in part by shining a light on the shadow aspects of life that we have been programmed to treat as our reality, and showing that there is a refreshingly easy way for each of us to step back into our power, our inner-peace and to love the journey!

So, to follow my dreams, I know that “getting into the flow state” is all-important, to relax and “just be”, allowing the path to unfold rather than getting stuck in “efforting”. This can be challenging because we are programmed to believe we control everything through the thinking mind. In reality, we require a balance known as “heart-mind coherence”. And for the analytical out there, yes, there is scientific proof to support this.

Your heart is an incredibly powerful portal, and when heart and mind are working in harmony together, we achieve a flow-state that enables higher consciousness to act through us and manifest things that are well beyond the conscious thinking mind alone. All of mankind’s greatest achievements emanate as a result of being in the flow state. So why not take a trip there and judge for yourself?

The following video might just change your way of thinking, and potentially your life.


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